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This is a song disguised as a poem. It's about communism and it's set in the future. Enjoy!

Submitted: November 02, 2007

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Submitted: November 02, 2007



Authors note: This is a song, but i'm thinking about remodeling it into a poem. what do you think? Would it make a good poem, or should i leave it as a song?


Everyone gets on the train,
Exactly at the same time,
Everyone looks the same,
Wearing gray suits and ties.

We have no names,
Names are so different,
We are all the same,
For change is stagnant,

We have no less and no more,
Then our neighbors next door,
We look just like them,
For difference is condemned.

Follow the plan,
Do as your told,
Follow the rules,
Don’t be bold.
Don’t be smarter,
Then your friends,
Don’t be brave,
For it offends,
Don’t be mad,
Don’t be happy,
Don’t be sad,
Don’t be friendly.

We live in harmony,
Don’t call it communism,
We call it equality,
It is not communism.

Our faces, so very bland,
Stare at the wall before us,
We know not woman or man,
There is no difference.

Our schedules are planned for us,
By computers large as a planet,
No leaders rule us because,
We value our equality.


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