Making and Baking Cookies

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This is a small story about me and, well baking cookies! It's hopefully not dull and it has a message at the end too. :D
It comes from my heart and I hope you enjoy it. Written on Christmas Eve by a teenage girl with a full stomach of cookies and a big grin.

Submitted: December 24, 2007

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Submitted: December 24, 2007



It is a family tradition to bake cookies each year on Christmas Eve. And so my mother and I were in the kitchen just now mixing batter. We don’t make the cookies from scratch but they still come out wonderful. (If I might say so myself)
Right now the smell of baking cookies and melting chocolate chips is filling the house. My dad is on the phone and the TV is on, my mom is in the kitchen keeping an eye on the cookies and most probably putting the second tray in the oven.
Whilst making cookies I started to drop the soft butter on the not yet cracked egg. Mom managed to snatch the egg out from under the falling butter, saving it from the impending doom of being smothered by room temperature butter.

My dad is watching The Polar express on TV and it’s a little distracting, but it’s a beautiful movie and one of my favorites so I really don’t mind. But to continue.

While attacking the cookie-batter-covered spoon I received a “use your own judgment” warning from mom as I consumed raw batter. I then went to the restroom to wash the immense amount of cookie dough of my hands and muttered “I have self control, it just doesn’t show itself all the time.”

Now I’m waiting for the cookies to be finished. Normally I would eat most of them then put four or five cookies on a plate then sit them out with a glass of milk for Santa. But this is my first year to not believe in him, but just because I don’t believe in the Santa Claus that comes down the Chimney and puts gifts under the tree doesn’t mean I don’t believe.
I believe in the spirit of Christmas, in the spirit that makes everything alright and everyone happy, the spirit that spreads happiness to the people in the world, whether they’re Jewish, or Christian, or whatever they are. I believe in the spirit of yuletide, the spirit that brings joy to your home and love to your heart.
I believe in family, and the feeling of Christmas morning when you enjoy the time with your family and share with them your surprise as you open the presents they’ve given you. I believe in the happy glow of child’s face as they eat a cookie for breakfast, rip open a present and hug you so tight that you can’t breathe.
And even if they aren’t any presents, or maybe no store bought gifts, the most important thing is the feeling that Christmas brings, that warm feeling inside of you, that spirit of Christmas which brings so much joy.

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