Rose Petals

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A Peom

Submitted: January 18, 2010

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Submitted: January 18, 2010



The rose petals drift through the air and settle on her dress she looks at them with her wide young, amber eyes, red rimmed eyes.And closes them. The rose petals that blew round her in the wind in the wind have seen much more than she or have they? They’re just part of a dead flower which thinks it’s superior just because its older. And oak beside it thinks that it is superior then both as it has lived longer is older yet is beautiful in nature and strong too and thinks the flower ugly and the girl plain.But want none of them see is a boy who looks at the girl as though she wears a gown beauty many would say his look is of a human in love others would scoff and say ‘he’s a teenager, he can’t be love he’s too young’ too young to know his own feelings.

The Oak sees the boy and scoffs. And thinks go find some other girl to get the only thing you want. But the boy does not want some other girl and he does not want the only thing he wants.
The rose petals continue to sway in the breeze and then one lands in the shadow of the oak and states you are fool no matter how long you live they’ll be new things to do and new places to go and new mistakes to make.

The Oak laughs and says it has been and done everything humanly possible and says that age gives you strength and knowledge. Rose contradicts stating that only experience gives you that. The oak laughs and looks at the boy and girl and says do think they are wiser or more powerful they us. The rose does not know what to claim.

But the axe that cuts into the tree ending him says clear that mankind is stronger as it can cut him down. The owl each escapes the falling tree says coldly glad he’s dead what a  cow. She tosses back her long mane of white hair.

She looks at the crying girl and spell bound boy and says aw how cute. But the rose claims he does not love her he is just too young.And the owl replays. How do you know cut that boy open look into his heart and soul and mind and then see the answer. You think you have know it all and yet you know nothing. You said so you’re self there are always know mistakes to make.

But how do we know what mistakes they have made what lovers they have hurt of been hurtled by as I said before cut them open and see. Even if you are a loving parent and think you it all about you child, think again how so you know what their not telling you ?

How would it be if one day one your sixteen year old daughter came home and said ‘Dad I’m pregnant’ or son came down one morning and said ’Mom, I’m Gay’. 
 Did you know this about them that your child was having sex or struggling with same gender attraction, No a lot don’t then what else don’t you know and if you did know what could you not know.

Rose does not answer for it had drawn its last breath and the snowy owl looks at the young lovers and wishes them good luck before flying off into the night.

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