Strange Is My Middle Name

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Actually it's not, but I like the title. :D

Submitted: December 22, 2007

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Submitted: December 22, 2007



Fellow booksians,

I hve decided to follow booksian Lionhearts example and write something about myself. Sadly I could not call this 'Amity Says', becuas eit is much to like 'Lionheart Says', and if there's one thing I'm not it's a plager- a plooger, a ploggeroost, oh! A person who steals someone elses work. There. I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. Here's something:

I HATE BEDTIMES. They are never conveinant, always constructed to make you suffer. They are NEVER at a good time, and always occur when you least expect them. They suck.

Another thing:

I have to go to bed soon, and my Christmas tree is BEAUTIFUL. I love cheese muffins, cheese biscuits and perrty much every damn thing with cheese on it.

I think pg-13 is strange.

G: Everyone can watch or read it.

PG-13: Everyone can watch or read it as long as an adult is there. What is the adult going to do? Blot the images or words from your mind with their super powers? And I'm not being sarcastic. Parents DO have super powers. How else can they do all the things they do? I don't know. Do you?

Super momma. A fitting name for my mother. She can do everything, and she is my role model. If you think that sounds sappy then it probably is, but it's true.

My hair is getting longer day by day. Pity I can't watch it grow. At least it's one thing I can grow without killing. Really. My plants always die in a matter of weeks.

I've been eyeing the candy canes on our tree. Boy do they look good!! But I must cotrol myself. Not that I think I'll be able to...but I should all the same.

I am up past my bedtime. I will get in trouble. I feel bad, but my muse is speaking to me and she just won't shut up. That sounded creepy. I'm NOT creepy. Hahahahahahhaaaaaaaa. Seriously. :D

I luagh like:

A pig

A hyena

A goat

A sheep

A maniac


I love caps lock. I use it for when I'm yelling at the computer. WORK YOU DAMN THING!!! Not that it's acting up. It's doing brilliantly. It is my freind. God, the tree is gorgeous!! O_o

No, person is gorgeous...I mean..not like a man...I'm gonna shut up now. Not that I'm speaking. I'm typing. Oh cheese muffins!! Sorry, that's my kid-safe swear now. The font on this booksie thingey was acting up. GAH!!!

I want to do something.

My fave color is blue.

There. I did it. Oh I love me!! I am brave, I am smart, I am creative and kind, I am a wonderful person and an amzing girl, and most of all, I am modest!!

Damn, I hit caps lock and I had to hit backspace. I hate it when that happens!! CHEESE MUFFINS!!! My 'I's won't capitalize and I can't spell to save my own life. Oh what I wouldn't give for a spell check right now!~

I should make a list. Of things i WOULDN'T give for a spell check right now. But it's late and I'm too lazy. My right ear just won't stop itching! No, it's not an infection, I just need to wash it better. Bleck.

Oh no!! I must go to bed before I get in SERIOUS trouble. Not SERIOUS, just dad will be dissapointed in me cause I said I was going to bed. :(

Well bye!! And I'll wrrite more soon, fellow booksians!!

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