The Adventures of Nogard, the Lamest Dragon In the Land

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A story written by me and my best buddy, over the telephone. This is the third phone collaboration of ours that I have posted on booksie. There may be more about Nogard, you never know.
Red is me writing, blue is my friend.

Submitted: December 12, 2007

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Submitted: December 12, 2007



Once there was a dragon named Nogard.
He was the lamest dragon in the land.
He liked to eat sheep.
And cows too.
He didn’t have a girlfriend.
He collected gold, diamonds and jewels, and traded them for a living.
There is a dragon meeting every year, where the dragons trade their loot.
One such meeting was coming up, and he felt that he did not have enough loot for the occasion.
He was worried that the other dragons would make fun of him.
So he set out for the castle of the sun, where the most precious diamond in the land was kept.
He planned to steal the diamond and bring it to the meeting.
One dark night he set out to steal the diamond.
He flew for hours in the pouring rain till he finally reached the castle.
But then he found that the castle was guarded by mercenary dragons.
They saw him and aimed their fire breath at him.
He quickly dodged and flew towards a castle window.
He smashed through it and found himself in a dark and creepy room.
He looked about and saw thousands of pictures lining the walls.
While he was looking at the pictures he flew into a wall.
There was a loud CRASH as hundreds of pictures fell to the floor.
Suddenly there were many shouts throughout the castle.
“Fudge.” Said Nogard.
Guards burst into the room.
He shot a fireball at the guards but they deflected it with their shields.
Nogard shot another fireball and set a guards hair on fire.
He screamed and ran out of the room shouting, “IT’S ALIVE!”
The guards promptly dropped their shields, turned and ran.
“Lamos!” Nogard shouted after them.
He flew out of the room and into the corridor, singing as he went, “I’m so cool, I’m so cool.”
He flew on for some distance until coming to a room.
He went in the room and looked around.
And then he saw it, the diamond of Teseldo, the biggest diamond in the land!
He stared at in admiration then sneezed.
As soon as he sneezed an arrow came hurtling at him.
“Shoot.” he said.
He blocked the arrow with his arm and hurried towards the diamond, muttering, “I gotta get it.”
He was only a foot from the diamond when the diamond disappeared in a bright flash of light.
“NO! That’s not fair!” he yelled.
He dived towards the spot where the diamond had disappeared.
“I’m so sorry about that.” A voice said sarcastically from above him.
Nogard looked up in surprise to see a guy sitting cross-legged on a purple cloud.
“Who are you? And did you steal my diamond?” Nogard asked pathetically.
The man laughed and said, “My name is Jed. And you are the one stealing the diamond.”
Jed snapped his fingers and Nogard found himself sitting on his pathetically small pile of gold, back I his cave.
He burst into tears at having failed so completely to bring back the diamond of Teseldo.
“Why am I always pitiful?” He sobbed to himself.
“Cause your lame.” Said another dragon, popping his head into Nogard’s cave.
“Go away and let me die in peace.” Nogard said sadly.
The other dragon snorted and said, “You are not dying fool.”
“Don’t call me a fool, and I am dying. See, my wing is burned!”, showing the other dragon a ridiculously small singe on his wing.
The dragon snorted again, saying, “You are so lame!”
Nogard said, “Yeah, I guess I’ll just go raid a smaller castle.” Sighed Nogard.
“Nonsense, you can share some of my treasure.” Said the other dragon.
“Really?” Asked Nogard, looking up at him hopefully.
“Not a chance.” The other dragon, flying off into the night.


Poor Nogard.

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