rage and sadness overtook me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

when you feel you lost your soul....

rage and sadness over took my soul
roaming earth as a maniac, i have no control
i wish to burst and drawn in tears
i will never forget, not now, not in a thousand years
you will probably get your heart, but i am not sure about mine
scars of love can never be healed, you just get used to it with time
will i ever be me again, will i ever be fine
will i ever feel the light, or see the sun shine
are you feeling the same as me, am i the reason for your life of grief

will i ever hold from killing myself, and deny whats in my belief

i am as a psychopathic roaming this discusting dark earth

if only i know this will happen, i would end everything from my moment of birth
people call me psycho, my dad says its just me
i am fading with time, more and more till i am gone, i am not meant to be
will you ever miss me, will you even notice that i am gone
or you will just move ahead, and say "oh well life goes on"
will i feel peace, will i be confortable when i die
will u be able to see me, when you look up in the sky
will i be able to visit your dreams, and tell you i love you every while
but will you be happy to see me, will i see your smile
i know you love me, but i also know you want to let go
you are trying to stay far away, and its killing you though
cause you know i exist here on earth, and can be reached
so i will end my life, very slow so you dont notice, it will end screeched

Submitted: October 07, 2012

© Copyright 2021 AMJ. All rights reserved.

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