no I can't

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this is a poem of a very sad person , struggling to
find happiness in this life , but he ran into the wall of despair , and finished down the deep ocean of life.

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009



far beond common sense

those days will never come back

watching memories of childhood

suiciding , no I can't

cutting the stems of those black roses

putting them in that shady glass of wine

drinking blood wine, no I can't

struggling to clear exsistance

trying to pass my life

feeling the importance of this breath

but thinking of dying , no I can't

changing my destiny into sunny days

with a rainy black wintery cloud

wishing it to rain with tears of sorrow

hoping to melt , no I can't

all this chaos , all these worries

counting days , life do lie

a black ring , a bloody day

raining tears from eyes of death

standing alone between the clouds

waiting for the mighty "order devine"

a laugh , a coincidence

a cry is made to be

a promise of all time , of eternity

amongs the dead , a tyranny

a preditor knows no heart

knows no mercy , no I can't

try to breathe , try to calm

try to live , try to die

time will tell , show , explain

a story of love , desire , and pain

of suffering all kinds of stain

should I throw all that away?

should I forget ? no I can't

shall I move?

shall I try ?

shall I do ? no I can't

the absence of emotion

the presence of despair

history of black memories

people reaching levels of insanity

trying to get out of hell

hell on earth , a jail

can I get out , no I can't

nostalgia to heaven

heaven in skies

can I get there ?

a question meant to be

and a simple answer for me :

no I can't !

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