to get even with love

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sometimes when someone breaks up with you ,
you just wish you could revenge ,,,,,,,,,
enjoy this journey of how I got even with
those whom I hate the sound of their name !

To get even with love ( part one )


it was the perfect relationship , we had been together for years when that day , that awful day came , we met at the park , same

chair , same time

 _ 'how are you ?

_ 'we need to talk '

_ is there something wrong ?

_ there's a time in every relationship when you just need to have a brake

_ what are you talking about ? , I thought you were happy !

_ well , I'm not

_sweetheart , are you okay ?

_ NO I'm not , i'm braking up with you , don't you get it

_ but , but why ?

_ it's not you , it's me

 remember this necklace ?

_ of course , I gave it to you as a gift at our one year anniversary

_ I need you to take it back, I don't need anything to remember you by

she throw it in my face , got up , and went away ; she didn't even say : goodbye

it was the first time anyone broke up with me , I was devastated for months , and everytime I looked at that necklace I started crying , the ghost of her haunted me , and I wasn't able to date until that day five months later,

I was surfing the internet when I saw a new email from her : hi , I really need to see you , something very important

, same place , same time , please come !

we sat at the same chair , but this time she started talking :

_ how are you ?

_ what is it really you needed to talk about ?

_ well ......., I really missed you !

_ let me get this straight , for five months I don't hear your voice and now you miss me

_ I've been trying to forget you , but I couldn't , so I decided to meet you , so I can tell you how I really feel .

_ and how do you feel exactly ?

_ I'm in love with you , don't you get it .

so how about we get back together

_ I smiled for the first time since five month

_ remember this necklace ?

_ yes , you gave it to me at our one year anniversary

_ I need you to take it back .

_ so does this means you accepted my offer ?

_ NO , but I don't want anything to remember you by !

I throw the necklace in her face , got up , and went away , I didn't even say : goodbye

 I have never seen her after that day

_ to be continued _

Submitted: January 13, 2010

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so really give your opinion , should I continue or stop ?

Thu, January 14th, 2010 11:17am

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