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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



5.3" & 6.0"


It is a small village with all the beautiful sceneries of the nature,almost all the houses are pucca houses with trees surrounded.The beautiful nature of the village seems like a painting on a canvas.Early sunrise near the Godavari river is more dramatic as the cattle and birds wake up along with the rising sun.

Everyone started doing their daily chores and Supraja is yelling at her elder daughter Naina as she is getting late to her school. Naina is a girl with long black hair ended up with curls downwards.She is lean ,fair and typically of height 5.3”.Her eyes are deep black and big which resembles the eyes of a classical dancer.She rolled the bedsheet over her while her mother tries to get her off the bed.By the time Naina heard a voice shouting at her in anger “will you get up today or else shall i come over there and kick you”.Suddenly she got up with fear and ran into the bathroom.

“Mom,daily am getting late because of her.Please buy a bicycle for me I will go along with my friends”said Nithya,younger sister of Naina .Nithya is fair,stout and much taller than Naina with a height of 5.8”.The age gap between both the sisters is one year but Naina is more matured compared to Nithya in all the aspects.Supraja promised nithya to get the bicycle by Diwali meanwhile Naina came there and asks her mom to help her in doing her hair.It is already 7.45am and all the school going kids of the street came near Naina’s home and started ringing their bicycle bells.Within 5 minutes Naina packed her bag and started to school along with her friends and her sister Nithya.

Nearly 12 to 15 bicycles started ringing their bells near Naveen’s home all the boys and girls are very eager to go to school as it is the last day of the school before Dusserah vacation gets started.They are too excited because all of them will be going to relatives home or ancestoral home for vacation and also they are little sad as they are going to miss each and everyone one of them for the coming 10 days.Suddenly everyone came out of their mixed emotions when a bike passed by them with high speed which was driven a boy Salman,the guy who is following Naina from past one year. Naina’s eyes turned red some of her girl friends started mocking at her ”Nainuuu... he came again  ..whether he will attend his school or not regularly he will attend you daily even on sundays...poor guy..vacation starts from tomorrow”. Naina got angry and asked her friends to shut up and start to school as it is getting late.


It is almost end of school time and all the boys are excited and are waiting for the name to be announced by the receptionist so that they can grab their bag and go home for long vacation of 10 days.The receptionist of Disney Land Convent School started announcing names of the students.The atmosphere of boys hostel is very energetic and all the boys are busy in packing their bags.A gang of three boys slowly sneaking out of the dormitory with a pack of cigarttes and matchbox carefully hidden inside their shirts.They started sharing the puff and laughing and making fun of each other.They are not at all concentrated on the announcements of the names.

As the whirls of the smoke passing out of their range they heard a name”ASIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFF KHHHHAAAANNNN” from the speaker box and a boy from the three hugged his two friends and started running back to the dormitory.He grabbed his bag and ran near the main gate .He saw his dad with a huge smile on his face and said Assalum-aliakum and hugged.They sat in their car and started towards their village which takes 3 hours from his school.

Asif ,a carefree boy who stays in hostel away from his parents.He knew the value of home,parents and family.Fair,unibrowed,tall guy ,the 6 feet guy :P with magical eyes who can make anyone hypnotised with his looks and makes them fall in love with him with his friendly nature.


to be contd.....................


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