The Sandman/ The Concrete People

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about a man's experience with fair-weather friends and coming terms with his individuality, demons, and false-lovers.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012





Skin faced youths

Sex and all his friends

Paradise and his acoustic flute

And the end goes on

Till we can’t see it


And it’s better that way


Can’t see the world’s bad news


When it’s noon

The curtains fall on us

And we can’t see the moon

With a velvet sky

Silky sweet and dark is deadly


We can’t see color when it’s dark

And heaven can’t see faces


And maybe it’s better that way


Silky sweet and dark is deadly


Be he me?


Be I him?


See him now


Faces falling

Sky is brimming


Hide the light

Hide the light


They might take it from you


Forever and always


The day won’t become anew


Because when our curtain fell


We forget there’s night


And maybe it’s better that way

Because we can’t see the end


We don’t look for the end

The end looks for us

So let’s keep hidden


Behind our velvet curtains.



I climbed the steps towards the end

And it was a tower

And the ends always the top

Because that’s what they’d tell you

That’s what I’d tell you


And as I got in the voices started saying things

Saying things that flew right out of my head

And the words became a part of them

And they became a part of me


Well, as I climbed the spiral

They always said yes

Because I always said no

And now they’re different

And they’re saying things

Saying things to hurt me

And I’m alright now

Because I’m just walking

Walking up my tower to the night


And at the top there’s dark

And the dark smokes a bottle

And dark takes in smoke

And it comes out of my eyes

And it comes out of my mouth

And dark speaks

Like a man in a suit would

And dark hands me the bottle

And that’s all I’d remember



Silent speaking soothingly

Silent speaks inside my head

He tells me to hush up now

And people won’t start dying

My head holds me hostage

And silent tells me I’ve got to get out

And silent speaks in riddles

Because the biggest riddle is how he says these things

Without saying anything at all



Dusty speaks plainly

Because he’s got what we all need

And he won’t give it all

Because he wants to keep me on,

OH Dusty!

Speak plainly cause you’ve got what I want

Your voice is like an Angel sleeping with the Devil

And it’s just what we need

And it’s just what I want

OH Dusty!

Make the pain go away

When I’ve only ever asked for more




Have you ever fallen down the wishing well?

It’s rather dark down there

And once you get in

The only wish is to get out



Concrete people

Saying silly things

And now that I’m lonely

I forget what they’ve said

And now I know it’s not important

And I know that it’s better the way it is


Concrete people

Saying silly things

And now that I’m lonely

I forgot whatever they said

Concrete people

Swimming around inside my head


Well I came to you for push and pleasure

My Concrete chums

But in the end it’s just an ass bleating at me

Telling me to watch what I say

For I’m in the Wash now

Where the cracks in the street are law


Oh Concrete People

When did you change?

Was it with my strange policy,

During your orgy,

To pick one partner?


And I’ll never want all

So I’ll just take one that’s pretty

And in the end it was the best of all


And in the end the pretty one left me

For she got caught up in it all

And I’ve been left here sitting



Don’t you hate these speeches?

They speak but nothing comes out

It’s almost like the statues are trying to say nothing at all




Don’t you hate these Concrete People?

They’ve left me behind

Swarms above

And the pigeons shit on their heads


And I know that you’re one of them

So I’ll just bring myself around again



So I’ll wish my way out of the Wishing Well

Keepin’ up step with all the other boys

And stay all a-line



Where’d you wander off to?

Or was it me that walked off

Or was it you

Who stood in perfect place

Always ahead of me

Oh, Isabella!

Where’d you saunder off too?

I know not the number nor the place

Because you stayed behind

And that’s made all the difference to me


Why don’t you ever watch the news?


Throw my keys away

And they were just dice

They never opened anything anyway


All these silly lies

About the wealth

And the sex

And the drugs

And the wealth

And the drugs

And the sex

And the beautiful men

And the beautiful girls

Who die when they’re pretty

And stick in my head when they’re dead

And in the end it’s like a puzzle

With one piece gone


And I’ll turn up the world looking for that piece

Because I know I left it somewhere

And I thought I saw it in the Wishing Well




So I’ll sneak up in your dreams

And take your sand away

And maybe I’ll be king


And in the end I’ll sneak inside

And take your mind away

And maybe I’ll be king


I’ll come back like a snake

Right out of a storybook

And the story will mean nothing

It will mean nothing at all

It was the character that had meaning

The one that I let get away

The one named after me

And I let him slide all around

And sink into the pretty faces

And cut out the edges, of my man

And stick him in the space of the missing piece

Of my puzzle

Because that’s what they’d have me do


They’d have me find a way!

To abject memory!

And so that’s the move that I’ll play

The concrete people

Their stares so cold

Eyes made of stone

And emotions to match


For we live in the Wash now!
And the cracks in the street are king!


Sickly sudden and without a ring


So says the sandman


And his statues

That we call people

Packaging Peanuts

Have more meaning than the sandman


The sandman man don’t play games now


I’ve let him take on what that been there before


Sinking low now


Like a rock


Cut out of stone


And there’s no more concrete


There’s just faces


The faces of the dead


© Copyright 2020 amnesiac. All rights reserved.

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