The Handsome Duckling

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There is a handsome duckling that is working through his way of being handsome. He attracts everyone and is trying to get away from them. It includes humor and a little bit sad. Read The handsome duckling to figure out what happens!

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015



The Handsome duckling
By Amon

 It was nice summer weather in the country and the yellow corn and the green oats. And the haystacks were piled up in the meadows and looked very ugly. There was a snug (comfortable, warm, and cozy, well protected from the weather or cold) that sat a duck on her nest. She was getting tired of waiting for her eggs to hatch because it takes a long time for them to hatch. She didn’t have much visitors. The other ducks would much rather swim in the river than climb the slippery banks and sit under a leaf to start a conversation with her. She could have done much more things than wait for her eggs to hatch, but she couldn’t abandon her own. She could have walked away from an explosion without flinching, but waiting for her young to hatch was more important.
After some time passed, one of the egg shells cracked and the mother duck heard “PEEP!” one of the chicks said in a Morgan Freeman voice. And more egg shells cracked open and all you could hear was Morgan Freeman voices shouting “Peep.” “Quack, quack” the mother duck said back to the young ducks. “What a big world it is!” Said one of the young ducks. The ducklings explored more since there was much more room outside than inside their eggshell. “Are you all out?” Said the mother duck. “No, the largest and most beautiful egg still lies there. I wonder how long it will last, I am quite tired of it.”  And she seated herself again on the egg. “How are you getting on?” said an old duck that paid her a visit. “One egg hasn’t hatched yet, but aren’t the other ducklings the prettiest ducklings you’ve ever seen before?” The old duck said nothing because the ducklings weren’t that good looking. “Let me see the egg that will not break” The old duck said changing the subject. “I have no doubt that it is a turkey egg. They were afraid of water. Let me look at the egg. Yes, that is a turkey egg. Take my advice and teach the other Freeman’s how to swim and leave this one.” “I will sit on the egg for a little longer. Since I’ve sat on the other eggs for a long time, a few days will be nothing.” “Whatever you want.” Said the old duck, and she walked away. At last the egg hatched and out came one of the most handsome “Channing Tatum” twin with a 6 pack. “OH MY GOODNESS!” said the mother duck. “Oh my,” said the Freemans. “I don’t think it’s a turkey. IT’S A GOD!” The mother duck said. “Hopefully he can swim, or else I have to push him in.”
On the next day the weather was wonderful. The sun shined on the leaves, so mother duck took the ducklings for a swim. Each of the ducklings jumped into the water and they swam easily. The handsome duckling was also swimming with them. The way the handsome duck used his legs, the mother duck knew that he was her son. “Quack, quack! Come children! I will show you the farmyard.
When they reached the farmyard, there was an odd situation, which was two families fighting over an eel’s head. Another brood (A family of young animals, especially a bird) was coming towards the Morgan’s. The ducks stared at “Channing.” “He is the most handsome duck in the world!” The father of the brood flew out and told Channing, “Tell me your secrets!” Channing felt famous and thought of the duck as a paparazzi. But Channing and the Morgan’s had to keep walking in order to finish the tour. “Make yourselves comfortable!” said the father duck. The ducks would ask him many questions, the chickens would beat him up for being so beautiful, and the girl who fed the poultry Channing and wouldn’t let go until he bit her. Channing then ran away, and flew over the palings (a fence made from pointed wooden or metal stakes). He closed his eyes and flew farther.

In the morning the ducks rose up and looked at their new member. Channing bowed to them, trying to be as polite as he could be. Channing was asked what kind of duck he was. He didn’t answer because he was different from his Morgan family.  “You are a very handsome duck!” said one of the wild ducks. Channing did not reply back and flew away again. He landed again, and saw a dog. Channing was afraid to be attacked and killed by the dog and waited. But the dog jumped over him and into the water. Channing felt lucky because he was so handsome. Channing flew once more into another brood.
He has been gone for a while and is nearly fully matured. He meets up with another brood and they fill him in on dangerous/beautiful birds. They called them “the royal birds” Or the swans. Channing wanted to go to the birds and he wanted to be killed by them. He thought they wouldn’t kill him because he was as handsome as them. But he hasn’t gone for a swim in a while so he is uncertain of his new look. Before he flew to them, he looked into a pond and thought of how ugly he looked. He was as ugly as Gollum from lord of the rings. It was a very sad moment for him and he wondered what the Morgan’s would tell him. He was afraid of going back so he decided to go to the swans and be killed. Once he reached the area of where the swans were, he asked them to kill him. Two kids saw him and told their mother and father that there was a new swan that has arrived. They threw bread and cake at him until Gollum looked directly at the kids’ faces, and they were petrified. The dad came out with his dog and told the dog to chase after Gollum. Gollum was so very sad of being ugly, so he flew away and he was never, ever seen again.

The End

What a sad ending…

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