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the fantasy involves a girl who slowly. becomes insane with an a prisoner in her own mind.while trying to determent what is real an what is fiction in the real world.

Submitted: March 17, 2015

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Submitted: March 17, 2015



it slowly became real to me i was wasn't seeing right i kept seeing her face everywhere but how.

is it possible that she was in fact real ? i kept thinking to myself while i was in 4th period i drifted

of in to my own world as i usually do. suddenly i came back to the world spooked by a text book that hit my desk causing a loud noise. it was my teacher “mrs.A” she looked at me in a very dominant and asked me to go up to the board and finish the math problems. as i walked up there i looked back to the empty seat that was behind me. but how was it that just moments ago i saw her sitting there. i quickly realized i was drifting again i decided to try and focus on the math problems. by the time i started the first problem the bell rang it was time for lunch as the class walked out in a rush i stayed behind. i turned once again to the desk and nothing she wasn't there i began to wonder why she only showed up at surden times or could it be my mind would make her come up at times when i would need her the most if she were real?

i made my way out the class i headed for my last class of the day i would be there early as all ways i sat outside the door waiting for lunch to be over an for 5th period to start. i never

went to lunch i mean what was the point my school had this ridiculous idea to change peoples schedules around. so my two friends that i had in c-lunch now had a different lunch so i was left alone at the table. as i sat outside my classroom door i felt lonely and useless i began to question my existence in this world, “shut up” i heard to the side of me i turned and looked to my side an there she was sitting next to me with her light brown eyes and long black hair.

i never questioned her directly considering the fact i didn't know what she was. i knew she was “janneth” i knew she was 5,5 in height i also knew she liked to go on amusement park rides.

i knew all the things she liked to do in fact they were all the things i liked to do. i just didn't know if she was real or if she wasn't. i felt as if i had seen her before i didn't really mind her presence i felt as if i actually loved her. when the bell rang for lunch tobe over an as soon as my classmates came around the corner. she kissed my cheek and said “ i have to go” i looked over to where she was an she was gone there was no sight of her as if she disappeared out of thin air. i knew i would see her again i just didn't know when but i missed her when ever she wasn't around i longed for her presents an i decided to wait an see if she would return the following day.

as i was getting ready for school i couldn't help it think about her it was like i wanted her to appear but at the same time i was scared. “ hurry up” my dad shouted from the living room he claimed it was about to be seven and that i was going to be late. i grabbed my phone and looked at the time and sure enough it was only six tweenie. dad was that type to rush every one and at the same time he would be the one who would do thing at last minute. we got in the car and he drove me to school. as we drove i put my headphones in to avoid talking to him i didn't have a bad relationship with him i just never liked to  talk with people. do to this my dad would usually get mad in the morning i guess he thought i was ignoring the fact that he wanted to talk. but how could i talk to him what if he questioned me. so i looked outside the window while listening to music as i always do except this time i drifted and suddenly i was at home well not at my true home but in my fantasy. i felt relaxed as if nothing could bother me i went and layed on the couch an looked up and saw nothing but the baby blue sky. suddenly my blue sky turned a into a nasty gray misty color. its there when i realised i had gotten to school and my dad was calling me to get of. i was upset that i didn't have much time in my fantasy as i walked to my class i saw my friend jay she was walking to her class as well she was up ahead of me so i called her out “jay wait up” i yelled from across the cord yared she turned around and stopped.i wanted to tell her about what i was seeing but she would surely think i was insane.

when i got to class i was greeted by my world geography teacher he was a nice and chill teacher he told me to take my seat. that was my favorite class of the day not only because it was a small amount of people in it but because that was the one class i had that wasn't full of “ass holes”

during that time i was in class i started to think about her again. i knew she wouldn't have to show up at this time. by the time that period ended i walked out the door and made my way down to my second class and i ran into “ray” he is the worst the most annoying kid in school he thinks hes cool and always talks back to my teacher. even tho she gives him write ups and puts him out almost every “a-day” its like he can't learn to just keep his mouth shut.

well when i sat on my desk like every other day he did as well my teacher started to read a chapter of a book we had started in class. it was actually a very interesting book well he didn't care if we were reading he decided he was going to eat popcorn right next to my ear. i ask him to please stop he looked at me and continued to eat. so i turned back around and him along with the other ridiculous friends of him decided to put popcorn in my ear. i wasn't sure what happened to me at that time it was like anger took over my body and decided to walk out of my class. i walked out and made my way to the school with my hands balled up in a fist my anger slowly decreased. when i made it to a restroom i stopped and splashed water on my face when i looked up to dry my face. there she was leaning against the wall next to me “ why did you walk out” she questioned me i looked at her threw the mirror and didn't answer her.


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