how to help poor

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Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



if i had $100, 0000 i will go to somalia, syria, palestine, yemen, india, and japan. i will go and feed the poor and build houses for them. i will help palestine the most because they are the country bombed the most. i could send more armies to palestine unlimited as they want. i could send $166666.6667 to palestine so they can buy more weapons. i will also buy hand grenade so they kill their enemies easily.
i will go to yemen and help them because that where my parents are from. i will capture the houthi and kill them like ants without mercy, because they are fighting their own country, but the good thing is united arab emirates is helping yemen, they bring medicine, food and shelter i will also send $166666.6667 to the yemeni people.
after i am done in yemen i will go to india because they are very poor, but the good thing they don’t have wars, but the bad thing is that if you pay tax they will not use it in a good way they will it for themselves. i will give them $166666.6667
i will go to japan it is not because they are poor it is because they have many natural disasters. i will repair their houses and give them more food than they already have i will give them $166666.6667
i will help syria because they help yemen (my country) because they sent their army to yemen, because sharing is caring. we should fight the aggressive country. i want to stop wars.
i will make a new way to help the poor people. i will build houses with swimming pools. the people will become from rich to poor. i will make credit cards then every week i will be adding money to their cards, so they can buy whatever they want to buy.
as long as they live a comfortable life. i will be buying them anything even though they have their money. and i will build for them restaurant near where they will live it is free of charge. the people can serve as much food as they want. i will also buy them buses so they can go shopping for free in my mall which is called amoory’s mall. it is only for poor people.
i will build laundry for them there will be maids people don’t have to wash their boxers. i will make the people feel like their home. because if you help the poor people you get blessed by god. i will make the people the biggest cinema in the world. it will go to the guinness world record. 
i will buy the people a lot of planes and fly them to germany so they can meet bayern munich and dortmund i will make players meet the people and talk to them and one day they will play bayern munich vs. amoory fc. and after there are done they will play vs. dortmund, and i will be there coach.
if you live in my houses you will never think you were poor because the service will be twenty four seven. and in my compound they will be soccer field, swimming pool, tennis court, volley ball court and there will be referee and in the entrance gate there will be a sign sharing is caring put only for the poor people. 
there will be free wi-fi and i will order everyone a cat because i believe that some people get excited with cats. i will call celebrities to come and talk to the people and hang out with them. as long as they are happy and don’t feel offended. 
and there will be police on each corner with ak47. and there will be hospitals with professional doctors. i will bring karate teachers who can teach people self-defense if a thieve manages to come in. and the last thing is i will call hilal f.c to play vs. amoory’s. my team chemistry will be 100 % and rating will be 100 % but in real life. because ratings and chemistry is used in fifa.
and if anybody threats my people i will run to them like usian bolt and punch them like many manny pacquiao and kick them like the way ronaldo kicks a ball. 


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