my best comeback ever

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hi guys,i will tell you from the beginning that i am not a professional footballer,but i take any sport seriously.i usually play football with my elder,so this is how it started there are three teams 
the one that wins the match began the opponent scored the first goal,later on our team scored,after a long draw the opponent scored, the score was 2-1.after few minutes my team scored the score is now was a few minutes until half time my team went and almost scored.but the opponent's goalkeeper caught the ball,the ball was shot and i landed
directly to my teammate,my teammate ran to the goalkeeper and shoot it right to his hand and the goalkeeper tried catching the ball but missed.i ran to the ball and chipped it over the goalkeeper's head,the referee blew the whistle and the score was now 3-2.the first half came to an end.we went for a short break,we were supposed to play the second half, thirty minutes into the the game i got substituted.the people started clapping as i was coming out.i felt that was a victory.i watch my team scores the opponent,to this day i am the only player in the team who scored a goal by chipping.


Submitted: March 14, 2016

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