Eve - Part 1

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Submitted: October 10, 2008

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Submitted: October 10, 2008



I bet you’ve never seen a principal wear jeans. Especially Levi’s with holes at his knees. Mom and Dad didn’t seem to be happy about having a principal dressed like a hippie. His shirt had a tie-dye effect, his hair stuck up in all the wrong places, and his sneakers had scribbles on it. My sister, Maria, just stared. This is not what a principal is supposed to look like, especially if he owns a very posh academy.


“Excuse me, are you Eunice Bobbing?” The principal nodded and said, “I reckon. My Mamma always called me Earl. Still haven’t figured out why.” Dad just stared and shook his head. “My wife and I, we are sending Eve to this school. Your secretary already gave us all the forms, and now we just are giving her in to you. Eve, say how pleased you are to attend VelvetOakAcademy. Go on!” Dad gave me a push and through gritted teeth I said, “Thanks. It’s an honor.” The truth is, I’m adopted. Dad’s real wife adopted me, and actually loved me. But now she died, and Dad is living with Stephanie, whom I cannot give a title such as ‘Mom’.


I guess I can see why they hate me so much. First of all, I’m not blond. I have soft, brown hair that reaches up to my shoulders. Then, I don’t have pale skin like an angel. I was originally born in Spain, and as a result of that, I have tan skin. They have blue-pool eyes and my eyes are a piercing green. I know that Maria is the only one whom I would miss. She was always so kind to me. I don’t know how to survive here, in this posh academy, though I don’t know how that Hippie Principal owns this school.


“Hey! What’s your name?” I turn around to see a girl, probably the same age as me. She has curly red hair, and curly eyelashes that curl up to heaven. She has the skin color of Nestle Quik.  “Um. Eve Turner. I’m new.” The girl laughed and said, “I bet everyone knows that!” she leaned in to me and whispered, “Your skirt is, like, really short. The knees are the limit.” I stared at her and laughed nervously. “I’m Felicia. Come on, and I’ll show you around Velvet Oak.”


An hour later, Felicia and I got ready for some fun at the gym. “Come on Eve. Today we’re practicing swimming and-“Felicia gasped when she saw me. “What?” I asked. She gulped and looked around her, as if what she was saying was a deadly secret. “You’re not supposed to wear two-piece. Especially those kind!” I felt my chin drop to my chest. I suddenly felt woozy. All my swimsuits were like this. “Do you have anything I can borrow?” Felicia smiled her devilish grin.


EW. I’m dressed in a one-piece, and I look SO nerdy. Ankle-length swim pants and a sleeveless swim shirt. I think I was right about how I can’t survive Velvet Oak. I dipped in the pool. It was freezing, and I wondered if they ever turn on the pool heater. I mean, we’re in the middle of December. Felicia laughs behind me and says, “Looks like you need some help. Get ready for the Special Felicia Push-into-the-Pit!” Felicia pushes me into the pool and for a second I can almost feel time freeze. I splashed into the deep water.


Gasping, I tried to get some air. My head bobbed up and down, and I tried to call for help, but it sounded more like, ‘H-Helgp! Swavhg mwah!” I panicked. I knew what would happen if I didn’t get help. I would drown. “Eve, I’m coming!” I was sure that was Felicia’s voice. In a flash, someone jumped in the water and lured me towards the lounge-chairs. Once I was on a lounge-chair, a girl handed me a towel and said, “Don’t you know how to swim?” My teeth started chattering, and I just kept quiet. “That stinks.” Another girl said sympathetically. I could sense that she didn’t mean it; by the way she was raising her eyebrows and smirking. “I’m Debbie. You must be Eve. I saw your file in Mr. Bobbing’s office.” she held out her hand as if she expected me to kiss it or something. Seeing me just stare at her, she pulled her arm away and pretended to stretch. “See you later…Eve.” Debbie stood up and walked away.


When I had an hour to myself, I spent it in the art class. I love drawing. And I wasn’t all that surprised to find someone already there. He had soft brown hair, pool-blue eyes, and a strong build. “Hey, you’re that girl who drowned right.” I slapped my head and groaned. He laughed and said, “I’m Dave. Your name’s Eve right?” I nodded and said, “Yeah. For now. Later, they’re probably going to call me Swimsuit Buster, or…or……Life on Land, Death at the Pool.”

“Ha. You’re funny. You probably met Mr. Bobbing, right?”

“He wears jeans. And sneakers and a tie-dye shirt!”

“I know. He’s pretty weird. REALLY weird to be running a school like Velvet Oak”

“So why did you come here”


He looked around him and leaned in close and whispered, “I got expelled from my last school, and my parents couldn’t handle me. They sent me here to learn discipline the ‘tough’ way. To tell you the truth, I think they got Velvet Oak all wrong! So….what about you?” I sighed and said quietly, “Well, my parents just-“And at that moment Felicia burst in. Thank god, I thought. I didn’t want to tell Dave about being adopted. He might tease me. When Felicia saw me and Dave her eyes widened. I frowned and shook my head, trying to tell her it was NOT what she thought it was.

“Okay, Dave. Bye. Me and Felicia are just going to……um…….are practicing tennis. Bye!” Me and Felicia raced past the door, but I found out that my shirt got stuck to the handle.


“Oh, darn. This cannot be happening.” I said to myself. I saw Dave getting up and walking toward me. I panicked. I had to get my shirt out of the handle. Desperately, I tried to find a solution. Finding nothing, I ran out of the room, and heard my shirt rip. Gasp! Half my shirt fluttered at me from the door handle. Dave looked at it with shock.


“”Like, OMG. I cannot BELIEVE you! Do you know who Dave is? He is SO popular. Lucky you. I’m definitely going to start hanging out in that art room!” Felicia squealed when they reached their dormitory. “It was nothing.” I mumbled, but Felicia kept squealing with laughter.

“Oh come on Eve. I was joking.” Felicia rubbed me good naturingly.

“I know. It’s just that-“

“You don’t like Velvet Oak, right?”

“No………….” I desperately shook my head.

“Ok, ok! Come on. It’s almost eight. Dinner will be served soon. “Felicia said, laughing.


I rolled my eyes and followed her to the dining room.


I stared at my mashed potatoes and peas and gravy. Disgusting. They couldn’t have taken any trouble making this. What did they think we were? Dogs, to eat up whatever they gave us? I stuck my tongue out and raised my hand. Instantly, Ms. Peon, the dining room supervisor attended me. “I don’t think I can eat this ick, Ms. Peon.” Ms. Peon flared her nostrils and whisked away my plate. “Then I don’t think you can have any dinner at all.”

Finally, when we were going to sleep, Felicia leaned to me and said, “I’m sorry you couldn’t get dinner. I know it’s really bad! I saved a butter bun for you. It’s under your pillow.” I grinned at her and looked under my pillow. Sure enough, there was a delicious bun there waiting for me……….with an ant nibbling on it. I flicked the bun away from me and groaned. This had to be a nightmare. Like the movie The Omen. But worse. I try to close my eyes and sleep. Maybe I should pretend I’m sick tomorrow, so I’ll be in bed, and nobody will have a chance to see me do anything embarrassing. Yeah, that’s a good idea. This time, I close my eyes, nice and tight, and sleep claimed me.

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