In Calm Waters

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How I feel whenever I go swimming. It's so fun and calming. Hope you enjoy! And try to feel this when YOU go swimming!

Submitted: October 03, 2008

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Submitted: October 03, 2008



“Make the most of your time,” my mother said, “You only go swimming once a week.” And it was a sad thing too.  I grab my sling bag and slide into our car, and I wait for my sister and my mom to get in.


Finally, we reach the community pool. I change into my swimsuit, and my sister and I both hold hands. We run and jump- In the air, I feel time stop and I can almost fool myself that I can fly- and land on our bellies. I wince with pain, and stay stiff, trying to get rid of the pain.


First, my mother had instructed my sister and me to swim at least twenty laps, and then goof off. My sister and I have a race to see who can finish the laps first. I hate ruining such a peaceful day as this with a race, but my pride takes over and I want to show my sister that I can beat her at swimming. My sister being older than I am, and taller, she finishes the laps quicker. She starts making remarks, and smirking, and the only thing I could think of to defend myself was: You cheated!


Soon, we start a mêlée, she’s saying that I’m a Sour Sport, and I’m saying that she’s a cheat. When we can’t think of anything to say anymore, we separate, and go on with our own thing. I float on my back and dream. I make waves with my hands, and sometimes I pretend there’s a tsunami, and I have to escape from it. It’s pretty bizarre, but that’s how I am.


My sister says that if you look directly at the sun, you would get blind. But today, I could see no sun. Floating on my back, I could see the various colors of the sky; Blue, Pink, Orange, Red… looked like an artist had spilled all his paint buckets, and the colors were all mixing, creating new colors. In the distance, I can hear laughing, and somebody wailing.


I take pleasure in blowing bubbles under water. It’s absolutely photo-worthy, and free. You don’t need to buy those bubble-blowers, anyway, taking fifty cents out of your pocket! What I like most about being under water, is that you can’t hear anyone. You are all alone, and there’s no hassle on you. It’s like all the stress floats away to the filter.


Finally, when I hold my head above the water, my mom has her hands placed on her hips, and is waggling her finger at me and pointing to the changing rooms. I sigh, very desolately, and climb out of the pool.


After changing and drying myself, I slide into the car And we drove back where the essay started, back at my room.

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