Trying to Fit In

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A silly, funny story on how you get a way for your willing.

Submitted: October 11, 2008

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Submitted: October 11, 2008



"Chantelle! Let's see your grade, huh? Just as I thought. A wonderful A!"

It was the end of school, and Chantell was hanging with her friends, Andy, Sara,Katie,and Tamara. She was constantly being teased by her good grades and hos she never got a B- or a C.
Hmm. Chantelle thought.
Everyone thinks I am really smart, I'll show them I can get a B- just like them! I'll purposely get some wrong on my test so that they won't make fun of me anymore.
So tomorrow,on the test, Chantelle thought of ways she could present her bad grade to her friends.
It was lunchtime. “Hey, guys!”Chantelle yelled, waving her graded math test in the air. Her friends, Katy, Andy, andTamara grinned at her from their communal table.

“Chantelle!” Macy yelled out, cupping her hands around her mouth. “What’d you get this time? A ninety-eight?”

Chantelle rushed over to the table—table four—and sat down. “No, not this time,” she said, laughing nervously. “I didn’t do so well on this one.”

“You never do lousy,” Tamara said, grabbing the test from herhands before she had time to react.Tamara raisedher eyebrows, an uncharacteristic frown. “An eighty? That’s a C! You got a C, Chantelle!”

“Chantelle got a C?”Andy said, putting down her ritual egg and cheese sandwich. “How inthe worldcould she get a C?” Chantelle looked unsettled. She looked back down at her sandwich and then back up at Andy.Katy had already come around to look at the test.

“What did you do, Chantelle?”Andy asked, looking over the test, a disapproving look on her face. “Fail it just to look like us? Give us a break. Don’t tell us you have to come DOWN to our standards. How insulting.”

No that wasn't right. Then another scene popped in her head. Maybe she could go higher and get a B.
It was lunchtime. “Guess what!”Chantelle yelled across the lunchroom, waving to her table. She practically ran across the tiled floor and sat down breathless across from Katy. “Guys, I think I just struck a fluke in the system. I really, really badly on last week’s test.”

“Don’t kid, Chantelle,”Andy said. “You never do badly. It’s probably just a mistake on the teacher’s part.”

“I got a B,”Chantelle said glumly.

“Not that bad of a B,”Tamara said, peering over Chantelle’s shoulder at the test, her mouth half full of egg and cheese sandwich. “It’s only an eighty-nine.”

Tamara laughed. “An eighty-nine? She got one point away from an A? Ooooh, burn!”She laughed and came around the table to look at the test, ‘just to see for herself.’

Katy, on the other side of the table, looked prim. “Well, it was coming to her,” she said, then she began to laugh, almost choking on her milk.

It was good, but not good enough. Chantelle tried another one.
It was after school.Chantelle was walking out the door with her friends. They were all laughing and chatting about one subject or another, none of them relevant to any of their classes.

“Did you see the look on Mr. Noakes’ face when the volcano started to spewPepsi instead of his vinegar and baking soda stuff?”Tamara was about in tears laughing. “I thought I was about to die! I didn’t think that Maurice had it in him to rig the science experiment, but there Noakes was, staring flabbergasted at the Pepsi...”

“How did you do in the History test today?”Chantelle asked all of a sudden.

“Oh, I didn’t show you yet!”Andy said excitedly, digging around in her satchel. “I got a B!” InAndy's handswas a test marked with a grade of eighty-five.Chantelle grinned.

“That’s great, AAndy! Hey, I was wondering something.”

“Hm?”Andy was putting away the test.

“What would you say about coming over to my house later and us studying together? We could help each other.”

“Oh... um...”Andy cocked her head to one side. “If Mum’ll let me, I’d love to do that, Chantelle. Maybe if I come over, I can steal a few ideas. I’ll be your rival some day. You better watch yourself.” She wagged afinger at Chantelle, a smirk on her face.

“Good,”Chantelle said. “Maybe you could come over around 6:00? What about you guys?”

Tamara hiked his backpack. “6:00, sure,” he said.Katy shrugged good-naturedly.

“Why not? I haven’t been over to the wonder-girl’s house in a while.”

“I think I could come,”Andy said with a smile.

“I’ll tell my mom,”Chantelle said. “We’ll be expecting you guys at 6:00.”
Chantelle smiled to herself. It was perfect. She started writing down the answer to question number seven when Mr. Noakes shouted, "Time's Up!" Chantelle was flabbergasted. She looked at the clock. There was only five minutes left. Had she really spent the whole time dreaming? Then slowly, Chantelle started grinning from ear to ear. It was so ironic! She had failed her test! Now she could legitimately tell her friends how she had gotten a lower grade than they did... and now she had an even better reason to start a study group. At least it would keep her from failing all her tests thinking about how to help her friends. How perfectly wonderful.
With a woop, Chantelle ran out of class, across the lunchroom to her friends. "Hey guys," she called, "Guess what!"

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