Swallowed in the Deep End of your Soul

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You are the shadow that binds me to you. Hovering, waiting, piercing me with your soulful gaze. I am beyond tempted. I am mad with an emptiness that you created so that only you could fill it. Cruel love.

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013



Do not dig deeper and make me your keeper this hole your soul can fill!

For I might fall farther into the black darkness of your love against my will

Fat with kisses friviolous  I will be oblivious to see you've swallowed ME whole.

(Or maybe just contented to know I've relented, now wasn't that my goal?)


Close to the ledges, my mind grasping edges, internal fears and wars

I fight to do right, I refuse out of spite, you cannot make me yours!

Of reason and rightness and stubborn protection, I rebuke your true affections

Though love might be right and should not I fight, I embrace my mind's protections

But what is okay is not what we say, it's what the world professes

And if my heart doesn't care that love is found here

should we not forget this lesson?


I want to do right with power I might against all rhyme and reason

Stay clear of your wants and desires we share I can't comitt this treason

But you'll find a way to make me here stay, by showing me what is real

And taking me down from the self imposed ledge even if you have to steal


For I know when you take and I finally make, that leap that you call trust

My mind's thoughts will be gone so I forget it's wrong to lead with your heart you must

That age doesn't care if love finds you here, its your heart that you must follow

Not the world's own rules to keep us in line what might leave us hollow


Then love will be free to swim, you and me, in the deep end of your soul

And my heart can call out and my mind will shout loud, "home I am finally home!"

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