Blood Rabies

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A medical horror story concerning a virus.

It is being narrated from Doki's perspective and what is happening rather unsettling at the most. She finds there is a rabies-like disease going around and the next one to catch it is Madgie (to whom Bunny finds and calls what she sees blood rabies), which sends Toki, possibly pregnant and has a compromised immune system, into fit in which they learn the virus had already spread and no one knows who's next fall ill. As the world descends into a panic and with the illness rapidly spreading

Rated so because of language and the content

Submitted: August 03, 2013

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Submitted: August 03, 2013



An illness struck and I have yet to know what. No, this is not my sister's blood causing this, rather, it is far worse, in fact, the shattered glass illness (or, Toki's blood induced cystinosis as Usagi drunkenly called it) is curable, a mere blood transfusion can repair it. I have yet to know if what it is and it is nothing I've ever seen before. The inhabitants of our house had yet to catch it, which is fortunate, as Toki could be pregnant and illness would be even more damaging if it was an illness her already compromised immune system could not be able to handle it. 

As a nurse, I fear for my own safety because I am almost always working around people that are sick and injured. So far, I've seen no medics or people of the very occupation fall ill but that did not at all convince me otherwise as I am far more mindful than that. At home, Toki even turned on the dome shield that can withstand anything to protect us from the outside and, with her being so hesitant to leave with an illness going about, I was to pick up the children from school and soon the school was closed. In the midst of the school closing, I found I didn't have to go to work if I didn't want to but I had matters at home to tend to.

Then…disaster. Madgie had fallen ill with what Usagi called 'Blood Rabies' while she ran down the stairs panicking. Once again, Usagi gave a name to something that had no name and her sister was quickly admitted and then, Toki threw a fit. When asked the source of her discomfort, she explained that the illness had spread further than she thought and that small areas were already quarantined and Madgie had caught it. I placed my hands on her head and asked "Has anyone died?" Her eyes widened and, calmly, she answered "No,…not yet." Everyone was held in shock and it dawned on us that Blood Rabies could be fatal and, yet, we didn't know how it was transmitted. 

While everyone was going to bed, I asked her what other symptoms her little sister had exhibited and I found they were same. Slobbering blood and saliva and wide blood shot eyes, while acting strangely. I was horrified and didn't show it. This was not information I could withhold so I walked down the stairs and to the phone. I called the CDC and told them about the illness, in which they were investigating but informed that, at the time, there was nothing they could do, except quarantine the areas and try to avoid transmission. After hanging up the phone, I heard Toki weeping. "Be strong for Toki." I told myself.

In order to avoid transmission, we were to stay within the dome but no one could continue with their lives. The children were especially afraid because, as far as they knew, Blood Rabies meant the end to their lives and it was especially frightening because no one knew if Madgie had died or was in later stages of the disease. Every chance they get, they'll cling to Toki or the nearest adult there is. I called the hospital and repeatedly asked for Madgie but they could give me nothing, except that she had fallen comatose. 

With my possibly pregnant sister worried and the whole house afraid, I tried to hold things together. However, while we were isolated in the dome, there was to be bad news brought about and that came in the form of world news. One night, I heard Brownie say "Doki, there's somethin' on TV, get down here." It was late, quite passed my bed time, and I found I had awoke to nightmare. Everyone, the whole house was gathered in the livingroom and the television was turned to the news. With Toki's hand in mine, we watched the news from start to finish and the whole thing was about the disease and, now, every town was isolated and quarantined. The illness had spread faster than we thought and our neighborhood was next. 

After the news report, Toki broke into tears and she said "We're going to die here." Usagi turned her head, looking at us with large eyes, and asked "What'd we do now, Toki?" She cried harder and said she didn't know. None of us knew what to do and we didn't know where to go. No one was permitted to leave their properties and businesses were closed. The hospital was overrun with infected patients and who's to say the streets weren't crawling with them. Out of the blue, I heard a coughing sound. We turn and found it was Leiline, suffering an asthma attack. 

Taking her hand from mine, she scrambled upstairs, in search Leiline's inhaler. However, when she returned with the inhaler in question, we were frightened to find it empty. "Shit!" I heard her say. The look on her face told us we had no choice but to go outside the dome.When Usagi asked if she was insane, Toki answered "Usagi, you already know the answer to that but we have no choice, a mother has to save her babies or die trying." Usagi's lip trembled and she backed down. There was no way around it, Leiline has to go a hospital or pharmaceutical store but there was a debate on WHO should go. 

As Leiline coughed, there was a great uproar and neither of them could decide. Soon, fists started to fly and then there was pushing and shoving, kicking and biting. Of course, Toki tried to stop it but that ended with her being thrown to the side when someone made a blind move, injuring her. When I went to inspect her injuries, I found her left arm to be numb and her left cheek was bruised and a little swollen, also she was missing a few teeth. That did it, it really had. Whatever was nearby, it didn't matter what it was, I picked it up and chucked it across the room, hitting the wall. The noise brought the fighting to a screeching halt and they looked at me with wide eyes. I was less then amused and very upset. Anger was seeping out but I was holding the rest of it in. 

"You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves, fighting when we should be resolving an important issue! Is this where Blood Rabies brought us? To fighting and arguments? Is it?!" I said, ominously crossing my arms. Everyone looked at me with large eyes and their faces were crossed with a rather dumbfounded look. We had been inside the dome, keeping ourselves isolated with the disease outside, ever since the first initial outbreak for decently undetermined amount of time. Leiline's empty inhaler proved exactly what we were afraid of and that was the fact resources were to run out. I would rather have my life taken then for a child to die when they could have been saved. In the far back, Violetta was holding Leiline's limpening hand. Every breath she took grew feeble. "Listen to me, we HAVE no choice but to go outside because resources are going to run out and we have to stick together." I said.

They looked at each other and a silence came. That silence was broken when Sunflower spoke up and said "Well, Doki, it's only one life lost, there are many more of us in the house, so that wouldn't be a total loss." Everyone, dumbfounded, looked at her and then at me, not at all sure what to do or who to follow. Leiline was losing her life with every breath and I was not at all interested in making time to waste. They stared back at with the same dumbfounded stare and children were not at all sure on what to do, looking to the adults for guidance. "Is the life of a child worth anything to you dumbasses?! And, yes, I am referring to the adults." I said, a vein in my head twitching. 

Still, they didn't know what to do and I was at the end of my rope. I took about enough stupidity I could goddamned well stand and that did it. I made a promise that I would try my best to take care of everyone and I'm going to make damn sure I do that. With tears not too far from falling down my cheeks, I said "Fine, you dumbasses, I'm going to go out there and save Leiline myself!" With a weak voice, I heard my sister say "No, Doki, not alone, we need you." Lightly stroking her hair and placing my bathrobe over her, I said "I have to, you've always protected and rescued us but, because of your conditions and circumstances, this is one of times where you can't." With tears in her eyes, she looked down and started whimper. I tried to reassure her I'll be alright but it seemed she could not be consoled. In an affectionate manner, I lightly rubbed her head and said "It's okay, I'll be back and things'll be okay." I knew she had no hope of losing her only sister but I also didn't want to lose mine. 

I went upstairs, got dressed, and grabbed a few weapons. I was afraid but Leiline's life is more important, so I had to put it aside. I picked a limp Leiline up off the floor and put her in the back of the humvee. I was doing this alone because the other adults were such confused dumbasses that I didn't know what else to do. Just as I was to drive outside, I was to find that a couple had changed their minds. "You can't go alone." I heard Brownie say, Toki's pained sobs in the background. Usagi fidgeted here and there, silently agreeing. They were both armed and I asked if Toki sent them. Brownie promptly answered that Toki didn't and that she couldn't speak because of her pained sobs.

We drove out, facing blood-rabid people and it seemed the whole town was infected. I heard Toki's voice say "Be brave, Doki." and felt her hand on my shoulder. Usagi's ears twitched and she said "Heh, heh, I guess they weren't expecting for a car to drive by." As we drove, Usagi startled me by screaming and pointing to the pharmacy, which was blockaded and boarded up with two corpses in front of it. Leiline's coughs grew worse and our only hope was to get her to the hospital. However, as I feared quite so, the path was blocked by rabids. "Looks to me we gonna hafta run 'em over." Brownie said. I was not in the particular mood nor was I willing to run them over. Not knowing what to do and seeing no other options, I put my high-heeled foot on the gas and just pushed, going very fast.

Apparently, some rabids are afraid of the sound and lights and others came coming. Both Usagi and Brownie fired shots in the air and that seemed to deter them. Neither of us wanted to kill them. I drove through hoards as fast as I could, Leiline's coughs growing faint. I continued speeding until I came to the hospital. With Brownie and Usagi shooting of rounds, I picked up Leiline and, before I went in, Usagi tossed me a sealed test-tube and said "Madgie hid this from us in the refrigerator." I caught it and scrutinized it carefully and found it was full of some red liquid. Apparently, what got Madgie infected was that she was experimenting with it and this must have been the end result of said experiment, something she didn't test on herself. With a faint Leiline and a vial of a possible serum, I continued on into the hospital. For once when Madgie disobeyed her older sister, she possibly did something beneficial.

I told you I'll be alright, Toki! I carried Leiline to the door and she was resuscitated on the sight and hurried away. I also handed a doctor the vial before sitting down in one of the chairs. My eyelids grew heavy and I didn't know if Usagi and Brownie would be okay. Before my eyes closed, I prayed for their survival and then I awoke in a hospital bed with Toki stroking my hair. Before I say a word, Toki said "Madgie came up with a cure and everyone infected has already been treated." I asked her what the death toll was and she answered "Only four people died." I asked her about Usagi and Brownie and she said "Only minor scratches but no bites and/or no infection. They're at home." She held me close and spent the rest of the day with me.

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