How Bunny Met Stinky

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How Bunny acquired her smelly spotted cat, Stinky

Submitted: August 01, 2013

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Submitted: August 01, 2013



"Hey, Usagi, how did you get your cat?" Toki asked, discovering him on her porch, having followed Bunny. Bunny looked at Toki for brief second and said "I discovered him in front of my door to my apartment." Toki blinked and picked him up before asking "Will you tell me the story?" Bunny shrugged and said "Okay. It goes like this…"

It all started when I found the smelly furball giving me something I had dropped. I reached down and petted him. He was an adorable little thing, though he had quite an odd smell. He followed me everywhere after that. Everywhere I went, he went. I've never had a pet and wondered if I would ever find the time to take care of him. For a stray, if he was one, he was very healthy. I petted him every chance I got. Once, he went away and I moved to a new apartment building. My first thought was that he went home, some place. Then, not too long after, I heard a meow at the door and there he was. I opened the door wider and said "If you come in, you stay, if you don't, then you go." To no surprise, he walked in, turned around, and sat up proudly, purring. Now that he had made himself at home, I opted for a name but Madgie noticed his smell and called him 'Stinky', so he was Stinky ever since. Naturally, I wanted to name him something in relevance to his spots but he would only respond to being called Stinky. 

"The End."Bunny said, before Stinky hopped of Toki's lap and took notice to the presence of Doki's cat, Iridescence

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