My Lucid Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another horror poem I wrote based on the fact that I am a lucid dreamer (an acquired ability t seems) , meaning I control what happens in my dream world and this is a darker and fictional take on that where the person to whom I am speaking to is trapped and will not awake. Feel free to comment and I do hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: August 05, 2013

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Submitted: August 05, 2013



Oh, hello stranger
I didn't expect to have visitors
Not in this place, anyway

You are here because I brought you here

How? You ask

Well, I am asleep and this is my little realm
My dream world, where everything is as I wish it
Welcome to my lucid dreams

Do sit and stay awhile, I insist
Though, you really don't have a choice
I control everything

You cannot leave until I say you can 
But, that won't be soon
Never at all

I'm still asleep

I see you are curious
Aren't you?
Well, in case you are wondering about the corpse with pins sticking out of it....

......that was my doing

Aren't I fun?

Oh, that person that has been blood-drained
I did that, too
I do these things a lot

But only in my lucid dreams

I control things here
It is fun here
If only I could sleep forever and stay here

But, alas, darling, all dreams must come to an end

In the meanwhile, as I sleep
You will stay
I shall tell you more

Oh, that, I almost forgot that skeleton
I did that, too
I tend to do that to a lot of people I bring here

Do sit
Behave, I insist
I only wish that you visit

Do stay
You don't have a choice
This is my realm and I control everything

So you will stay!

Don't try to run
You cannot evade me
I'm in control here

These are my lucid dreams

Do sit and have some tea
I made it myself
Funny, why is red?

Hmmph, must be the new ingredients...

Oh, I quite forgot to inform you about something

What? You might ask

Well, those I bring here never return from whence they came

This is no pleasant dream you are having
This dream is not your own
You are trapped in mine and you cannot leave

Fear not, you will not be alone
There have been others and they will confort you
Though, they might be rotten, limp, pale, smelly, or covered in blood

I'm sure you'll enjoy them

I must politely inform you that before I awake, you shall be no more

It was fun and I won't be seeing you again
Neither shall you awak
Why not relax and make it easer

It has been fun but you shall sleep forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Never again to awake

You've met your end

Hush and shush now
You won't be alone
Close your eyes

I don't want to hear any screaming

In my lucid dreams

© Copyright 2020 AmoRidere. All rights reserved.

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