Shattered Glass

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My first medical horror

This is a little short story that takes place between two stories I've written, Giselle's Revenge I and Snow Rose I. It's about what happens when Toki's blood enters a bloodstream that is not very similar to hers and the devastating results.

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Submitted: August 03, 2013

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Submitted: August 03, 2013



It all started when it had spread. It was dreadful and IT would destroy just about everything. I sat and watched as one by one of every patient became a victim. I didn't know what it was and who or what was spreading it. Unfortunately, this was hitting close to home. 

The first one in the house to fall ill was Sunflower (Sunni for short). The first one to take notice was my twin sister, Toki, and that was when she first noticed that Sunni didn't get up out of bed one morning. When she did get up, she was stricken with horrible pains and stiff bones and muscles. She was hunched over in such a horrible position.Her veins became visible and resembled the shatter markings of broken glass (few patches of her skin, where the markings were had turned a little grayish). What really scared us was that she vomited what appeared to be rose shard crystals. Soon after her symptoms got worse.

I wanted to know and answer one question: What is this illness and how is it spread? I didn't know what the illness was nor did I know how it could be spread. I wanted to stop it before it spread through the house and, eventually, my infant niece, as well as my sister with an immune system still a bit weak from Leukemia, would catch it. If either of them caught it, it would be detrimental to them and devastating to me. 

When Sunflower was taken to the hospital, the 'rose shard crystal (or shattered glass) illness' spread further. The next one to catch it Sunflower's older sister, Frailine (her real name is Jaynine), a borderline schizophrenic. The symptoms in her were much worse and she looked as if she was going to die. Toki counted the petals on a rose and deducted that, unless a cure or cause is found, Frailine and Sunflower will die.
I noticed one thing about the illness. It has similar properties to Toki's blood. Since doctors did extensive research on how different Toki's blood was, it would seem obvious that this blood is not to end in anyone else's veins but those who were almost completely genetically identical. Even though we're identical twins with the same blood type, her blood is a little different from mine (or her baby's, for that matter). 

If one drop of her blood were to end up someone else's veins but those who were almost completely genetically identical, then the results could be devastating and possibly deadly, resulting in crystallization in their blood vessels, causing the crystals to be poking through the skin. If one was lucky, the crystallization would be localized and causing the affected area to break off, if the crystallization spread, then it would kill the person. Precious tried to experiment with Toki's blood and, in a rather cold and sadistic fashion, tested it on trapped rats, resulting in the same symptoms, notably them coughing up rose shards and having their veins show up as shattered glass markings. 



When she picked up the completely crystallized rats and dropped them, they would shatter like glass. I knew that if I don't find a cure soon, Sunflower and Frailine will end up the same. Since the sisters were partially of mine and Toki's species, then the crystallization process would be slower because we are of the same species. After taking notes on that matter, I put two and two together and found out Toki's blood was the cause and source of the illness but how did her blood get into someone else and how can it be cured?


I told Toki the cause of the illness and she was very upset that her blood was the very start but she was more than willing to help in eradicating the illness. She told me, that after she discovered her needles missing (she needs them for a neurological stimulant so she can manage her Schizophrenia), she found a bunch of bloody used syringes buried in the backyard and in Precious' room. Noting Toki's slightly anemic condition and how weak she was, I figured Precious had been injecting Toki's blood into others to see if they would survive. "Is there any cure, you can think of?" I asked her. She looked at me and said "Doki, the cure is quite simple, it is a blood transfusion or serum made from donor blood and that should reverse the effects." 

However, getting the cure was not going to be easy because, due to how many people were injected, there weren't enough people to give blood for the transfusion or to give blood at all. With that disease going around, it was unlikely the blood bank was going to have enough to be transfused.

After finding out what the cure was, I heard that some of those already infected had died, after becoming fully crystallized. However, Frailine and Sunni were still alive, along with other children. I was relieved to know any children didn't die but I had to get a cure so they could be saved. Brownie always said in order to cure something, one must use the very source and experiment with it, to make it a cure. I knew Toki had suffered enough but I had to put her through any more pain in order to get a cure. 

I took my sister to the hospital and the doctors that examined her said "She's become quiet anemic but there is another option, harvest the crystals and make the serum from them, that shall cure it." I was a little happy about the news but I knew Frailine and Sunni had little time left to live and both were losing and/or had lost hope in light of their situation. 

I sat by their beds and said "You'll be cured, soon." Sunni looked at me and said "Don't lie to me, Doki, I'm going to die and there isn't a thing you or anyone else can do about it." Frailine looked at me and said nothing. Her eyes told me she'd rather die than be cured but continuing to wait for that cure.

The crystal harvesting began the next day and the children that were ill were extremely scared. After experimenting with them for several hours, the medical scientists finally came with a cure and found that the illness is also spread when on pricks themselves with the crystals , causing it to spread further. 

After the medicine was made, the cure was immediately injected and the effects were reversed. After that, Toki decided to keep her medications under lock and key and the doctors used my blood to give her transfusion. The children returned home and Frailine went back to the mental hospital. The illness was never spread again.

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