Working for Madame Seamstress

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Rated R for the questionable language and brief alcohol reference, better safe than sorry. A story I wrote a decent while back in which Madgie destroys their kitchen in one of her experiments and Bunny finds insurance won't cover that

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013




One day, Madgie, while performing one of her experiments, had blown up half of the kitchen. When Bunny heard the noise and saw what had happened, she made haste in calling her insurence agent. Within moments of calling her insurance agent, she let out  angry exclamations of gibberish that would likely be interpretated as her swearing. Madgie's eyes widened as soon as Bunny yanked her by her hair and, before letting it go, said "Why you whiny little bitch! I sure hope you have money on you because, as you may have heard, INSURANCE WON'T COVER THIS!!!!"  

Next thing Madgie felt, was swift, hard, and painful slap to the face that sent her to and across the kitchen floor and, before she could make a move to get up and recompose herself, three more slaps were delivered to her face. "Get up!!!" Bunny barked loudly in Madgie's face, before yanking her by the arm to her feet and shaking her. She dragged Madgie to the livingroom and threw her on the couch before yelling various things that could not be comprehended. She didn't know where she could get enough money and her current job only payed so much. 

This was bad and she thought about this while she was pacing back and forth, in front of Madgie. After a few minutes of pacing, Madgie found another slap delivered to her face and her older sister’s palm was red. “I sure hope you have full intentions to ask for a loan.” Bunny said, her hand twitching. Madgie gave her wide eyed stare and said “Who’s the second wealthiest person in the rest of the upper districts of the neighborhood.” Bunny’s eyes widened and said “Toki.”

Next thing they knew, they were standing in front Toki, who was dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel to cover and a towel for her head. “Let me get this straight, Madgie performed a little experiment and destroyed half the kitchen so you need a loan.” Toki said, adjusting her towel. Bunny nodded and said “Uh-huh.” Toki sighed and said “I don’t normally give out loans but I will pay if you two work as domestics for a certain period of time.” Bunny and Madgie had no choice but to agree.

They were back not too long later to work. Toki had them start with cleaning up the floor that she had wet with the water she had on her from showering. “You got us working for Madame Seamstress, Madgie, and when we’re done, I get all of freaking money because Toki can’t pay anyone under sixteen.” Madgie didn’t like the idea very much but it was obvious that Toki was abiding child labor laws. They cleaned up the floor for an hour and proceeded to the kitchen to do the dishes and sweep the floor. Violetta walked in sniffing. She had the very idea of knowing if something was different by smell and having maids was most certainly something she would like to explore. 

“Who is the odd Victorian-era girl?” Madgie asked, apparently having not met Violetta. Bunny snorted and said “That is Violetta, Toki’s Romanian adopted daughter. You’ve never met her because you are always conducting experiments and things that you end up injured and isolated as a result." Violetta had taken notice to Madgie as well and said "Buna ziua, goggled one." before walking out of the room. Madgie shuddered and said "That girl looks like a vampire."  

The two sisters continued to clean the kitchen in silence, only for said silence to be broken again when Doki walked in and noticed their presence. Her nose twitched and she blinked her large bespectacled eyes in curiosity. She didn't know her sister hired servants, at least, temporarily.

She summoned her sister and inquired on why they were there. "Well, Doki, sweetheart, Madgie did something that blew away half of their kitchen and Usagi's insurance won't cover it so they are working for us until Usagi can up with the money to pay for repairs." Toki said, applying her eye makeup. Madgie quite noticed that their employer was getting ready for something. 

Madame Seamstress must be getting ready for something important. Bunny thought. She had this thought, knowing the past events from earlier and it didn't take her long realize an invitation she had received. Toki was getting ready for a gala later that afternoon and she had the realization that she had a lovely dress that would never get to be worn because she had to clean Toki's house for the money to repair her own. In musing to herself, she scrubbed one the dish she held so hard that it broke. She was infuriated and had a reason to be. Having custody of her younger sister took away many freedoms she would have had like most her age and, now, Madgie had taken away the very thought of something she had planned ever since she first moved there. 

“Madgie, you ass! You always cause me trouble and now I am here playing Cinderella, while Toki, the beautiful stepsister or whatever gets to go the special occasion that I too was invited but I can’t because I need money to pay for the damage you’ve caused!” Bunny said, tears of anger running down her face and she delivered Madgie a hard slap across the face. Madgie rubbed her cheek and pushed her over in return, leaving Bunny on the ground to slap her again, only harder, knocking her into the wall. They were screaming and arguing to the point where they made a racket that Toki had to intervene.

“Usagi, Madgie, stop it this instant! What has gotten into you two?!” Toki said, stopping the sisters in their tracks. They looked at her and were quick to point at each other as the cause of their argument. Toki glanced at Bunny then at Madgie, narrowed her eyes, crossed her arms and said “I don’t care who started it but there is no need for such commotion and, Usagi, you’re mascara is running. I will allow no word to come unless I can receive a clean answer with no interruptions but first, sit down and we’ll talk it over.”

The three sat down and Toki listened to each one of them explain why they were upset. After listening carefully and asked “It that what this whole argument about?” Bunny nodded and politely asked for a beer. Toki handed her a beer and said “Usagi, if that is what has you upset then no such commotion was needed. If you wanted to go then you can go, Usagi, but you will have work for me all next week, should you expect payment.”

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