The Thin Man Still Lingers

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His face, his fucking face. I will never forget it, hiding in my head and I fear to search for it.

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



That Thin Man Still Lingers

You know they say that some people still longer after death. I never really believed in ghost until he taught me otherwise. I don't know his name, his background, any personal information. But the one thing I do know is that look upon his face will forever haunt me. It was when I had just recently moved out of my parents house and was off to collage. Now mind you back then I was very foolish, as is most newly founded teenagers. I was always the type to steer past large crowds, gangs, drugs and that sort of stuff. One night when doing laundry with a friend at the Laundry Mat across the street from our apartment I saw him. That night was the first night I saw him. It was a warm clear night, not all like weather is in the horror films and books. I was moving my clothes into the dryer when I noticed him. Tall about six foot-two. He was thin very thin. He looked as if I could blow on him and he would turn to dust. He was pale and lips were a tinted light blue. Yet he was breathing obviously so he wasn't dead. He looked straight at me eyes piercing right through the glass separating us. I had only had time to take a glance at him but in those moments his face was engraved into my mind. Then I was pulled aside by my friend who was calling for me. After helping her fold I looked back to the spot where I saw him and he wasn't there. No, in the time I spent folding he had came into the store and was now standing by the dryer I was using. Scared by his intense stare I told my friend that we should grab a bite to e at while our clothes finish. She agreed and we left. We came back about twenty to thirty minuets later and sure enough he stood there in the same spot as we had left. I had a sharp pain in my stomach just then and doubled over. Not wanting for me to exert myself my friend got out grabbed our in folded clothes and we went back to our apartment. Every time we went to wash our clothes he stood there waiting for me almost. It frightened me so I stopped going and as much as I hated it I started using the laundry machines in our building. Later on the news a few days after I stopped seeing him they said that a man that went missing three years ago was just recently found dead in the parking lot ditch where I had done my laundry. When they showed his face it was the same face, the same piercing eyes, the same slender figure, everything. I started panicking, thinking ' Why! Why didn't you help him you saw him. You saw his eyes calling out for help'. And that's when it hit me, and it hit me hard. He wasn't breathing in fact I was the only one that seemed to notice him. In the dark room of my apartment I felt his eyes again teasing me to look behind me. Hoping not to see him when I turned around I was disappointed. He stood there with the same dimmed dread filled eyes but now he was smiling a chestier cat smile that was filled with rotten blood filled teeth. I was paralyzed with fear as he started to laugh. Then bolted out the door fast than lightning when he said, \" Im coming for you now\". I never went near that apartment or laundry mat again. I will never get within a two- hundred foot radius of the area. Yet although I don't see him in reality he still lingers in the deep crevasse and dark places of my mind. I will never forget that damn evil, dimmed, thin, chestier cat smiling bastards face. Ever!

- Amories Saga

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