Past Joy, Present Happiness

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it came from nowhere... but became something. enjoy!

Submitted: June 22, 2013

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Submitted: June 22, 2013



you made me feel whole with your disappearance in my life,
I never quite understood how departure could give birth to such joy,
yet in the same hollowness of joy, and abbys was formed.

deep within I knew that,
I missed your strawberry kisses,
your warm filled hugs,
your sunday-ful eyes that glowed of a hazel unkown to man,
but known to me,
because your soul spoke to mine

no one understood how the rhythm of our heartbeats were always in tune and in sync,
although we were apart
but we both knew..

we didn't belong to each other
we knew.

although we wrote our dreams in the sky,
& drew maps of our adventures in the stars..
we knew.

our hearts never forgave us for giving up on what we had.
we were soul mates
made solely for each other
but society never agreed.
we were too different to be one.

i lay here, next to him
painting him in your handsomeness
so that i may smile like you once made me smile.

so, see..
your absence.. your departure..
brought upon happiness to another,
but stole away my eternal joy.

yes.i am a w/hole without you.

i wish you knew.

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