The Mediator

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This story explains how I lost my best friend. I typed this in word, so at the beginning of each page it has a random quote I like.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



~And I'd be dammed if I get hurt over her.

And I'd be just as foolish as the ones before me. ~


Tuesday, March 13th

I woke up around five, crawled out of bed, and did my morning routine. Like-wise, I almost missed my bus. During that dull ride towards school, like every school day, I had my earbuds in listening to music.

I was text messaging a bunch of people trying to find someone who could get me to church the next day. No one I talked to said they can get me. I lived too far away.

I typed up, “Hey, bro. It’s been awhile. You going to church tomorrow night?” With some hope Brent would respond, I pressed send.

The bus finally made it to school. I turned my music off, and then stepped off the bus. Exciting, right?

I go through the front doors of the school, only to be greeted and hugged by Sarah. I walk over and hug my female friend of the time, Angel; beautiful, funny, kind. Then I make my rounds and talk to my other friends for 15 minutes.

Bell rings, the commons clear. Everyone heads to their classes, as do I. I go straight to first hour, I don’t stop and talk.

Sometime during second hour, my phone vibrates. Brent responded. “DUUDE! Whats up!? We havent talked in ages! yeah, im going. Why you need a ride?” Joyed, I type back, “I know! And yeah, I kind of do need a ride. No one else can get me.” “Dont worry bro, I got you covered.” “Thanks, love you bro.” “Not a problem, lov ya too.”

~”I'm in the back right corner table eating alone,

As her eyes are eating away at me.” ~


I can safely assume we all have friends who we’re so close to, that we can say anything too. Yeah, me and Brent were that close. We were like brothers, inseparable, always there for each other. Except, we have never argued. We agreed on nearly everything. If not, we didn’t care.

Classes end and begin. They go by, like time is nothing. I’m happy to go to school, happy to go home.

Show up at home, and put my backpack away in my room, and eat my after school snack. I play on my computer a bit, Minecraft like always. I tell my mum I don’t have homework. Yet I did, but what else is new?

After a few hours and blowing up a kick-ass factory later, my phone starts playing Fox and The Wolf. I hadn’t heard that song in forever, I checked my phone, Brent was calling. I obviously answered.

We talked; we caught up and started talking about what was recent in our lives. Remember; it’s been around seven months since we’ve last heard from each other.


Wednesday, March 14th

My obnoxious alarm goes off; I reluctantly get out of bed. Remembering that I have church later, more importantly I get to hang out with Brent.

The same routine; I take a shower, shave, slide a shirt on, put my sneakers on my feet, and walk out the door. Except; I actually got to the bus stop before the bus.


~”They share a drink called loneliness,

But it's better than being alone.” ~


School’s out, I walked out to the bus to get on and Brent was waiting with his car; he came to pick me up. I had his word. Like the old days.

The old days; he was tough, he didn’t put up with anyone. He’s always had my back. He broke two of his knuckles on some kids jaw because he wouldn’t leave me alone. He was like an older brother who was a year younger than me.

Whenever I was having issues with girls, he would always give me advice, most of which I wouldn’t use. He wasn’t the steady relationship type, he always had some girl. They were more flings than anything.

We would always get into trouble together. We would sneak out in the middle of the night to see girls. Two out of nine times we got caught; once by a cop.

“Nate! Over here!” I wave at him and get in the passenger seat. We start talking and shouting. Like we used to; we shouted at people we drove by. Good times.

We got to Brendan’s house and we all hung for a while, smoked a few cigarettes, and played video games. We laughed and enjoyed the hour and a half we sat.

It was time to go to church. We tried to get Brendan to go with us, but he doesn’t believe in God. As we started pulling out the driveway, Brendan ran up to Brent’s window, and gave him five bucks; cigarette money.

Driving through Festus, yelling like earlier; I was telling jokes we both loved. I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.

~I have the attitude of a child, the mind of an immature teenage boy, and the craving for knowledge and answers like a scholar. ~

He missed a red light; I must have distracted him on accident. Last thing I remember, Brent yelled, “Oh, shit!” and we were hit. His car flipped over on his side, we rolled a few times. I was knocked unconscious by the impact.

I regained my consciousness; I was almost lying on Brent at that point. The first thing I noticed was Brent; he was bleeding horrifically from a cut on the back of his head. A deep cut almost to his skull. He was still out, he wouldn’t respond to me.

I tried to pull him free; I noticed at that point it was beyond my physical capability. I didn’t want to leave him there. I started crying as I knew I had to get out of that car. I could hear the sirens of the fire engines and ambulances as I crawled out of the shattered windshield.

They helped me out the rest of the way, I couldn’t do it, I was so shaken up there was no possibility of me being able to focus. The paramedics sat me down and started treating my cuts and bandaging my knee. At that same time the firefighters were cutting him out of the car.

They pulled him out of the wreck; put an oxygen mask on him forcing air. I’ve never hurt so much; seeing him in that situation. I didn’t think he would come back.

They put Brent into the back of the ambulance. I had to fight with the paramedics to go with him to the hospital. I wouldn’t leave him; inseparable.

I sat the in hall of the hospital, waiting for some good news. His mum showed a few minutes later, she hugged me before she went into his room. I wouldn’t go in with her; I knew better. From the hallway I could hear her crying and trying to talk to her son.

~”The world becomes a whole lot scarier when you have a child.” ~


She walked out a few minutes later, and she offered to drive me home. She’s like my second mother, and I surely wasn’t going to tell my actual mum that I and Brent got into a wreck.

Once I got home, she said she would call me in the morning to give me a heads up on Brent. Until then she was going to be at the hospital with him, and I was going to sleep.


Thursday, March 15th

I didn’t want to wake up, I just wanted to lie in bed and sleep forever. My mum eventually made me get out of bed. I felt horrible because she had no idea what had happened.

I got in the shower, and I take the wrapping off my knee; it was swollen. Got out, didn’t even shave. Put my sneakers on, and left.

No one at school even knew, I wouldn’t tell anyone. I laughed the day away; all those laughs were lies. Someone could tell; she knew something wasn’t right. She could see through those lies.

Later that day, after school, Brent’s mother called, “He’s awake, but he can’t really talk.” She told me that I should visit Brent tomorrow morning.

Friday, March 16th

I showed up at the hospital around 8 or so. I was met at his door by his mother, who told me that he’s awake. I went in, “Hey, Brent. How are you feeling?” He mumbled, “Good. I do hurt.” I couldn’t really comprehend what he was saying; his speech was just so slurred. “That’s good bro. Just hang in there, I love you.” “Love you too. I tired.”

~If you just give me your pain,

You’ll be okay. ~

As he fell back asleep, his mum told me she was going to run to the gas station, and she offered me a ride home. She drove me home, and we talked about Brent. I basically told her that he would make it.

I hung around at home for a few hours. I mostly slept, I couldn’t do much else; I was too worried about Brent to think. I just kept praying he would be okay.

I received a phone call from his mum again. I answered it, she started making small talk; talking about the days when I and Brent hung out all the time. How close we were to each other. His mother wasn’t normally a talkative person.

I finally asked her, “Is Brent alright?” She started crying on the phone, “I’m sorry, Nathan, you’re like a second child to me. I can’t keep this up. He passed away a little while after you left.” I wanted not to cry, I couldn’t help myself. The last thing she told me, “You were the last one to talk to him.”

I felt lost. I didn’t even know what to do from that point. I couldn’t think at all.

Saturday, May 5th

I was awoken by the knocking on my door. I was passed out on the couch, and no one was home to open the door. I answered the door all groggy. Surprised to see Brent’s mum.

She handed me a pair of sunglasses, hugged me, and left. As I looked at them, they were Brent’s Aviators. He was wearing these the night of the wreck. They were Brent’s favorite possession; he always bragged about these. I noticed cracks on the lenses from the impact. A part of me was happy, and a part was sad.

~“Sleep well my friend, there will be another moment we'll meet again, just let it go. You’re something to remember. I wish that you were here by my side.” ~


In a strange way, I felt closure. My heart didn’t ache as much. I still grieved his loss, but I know he’s no longer suffering.


Sunday, August 2012

As I stay up through the night typing this, I still grieve his loss. I can’t even fathom his death. I’m starting to feel better, though.

My wounds are healed. Though, my knee is still giving me troubles. I’ve also noticed the ribs on the right side of my body aren’t aligned; the bottom ribs are kind of pushed in while my left side sticks out.

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