The Good Son

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jack and Arty Mason are living the perfect life, until they adopt a new son into the family: Daniel. Do you really know who you're letting into your home?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

“You like to paint, Daniel?” Arty turned in the passenger’s seat to look back at the boy, the teen’s dark eyes looking out of the... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Getting to Know

Arty dragged his tongue over Jack’s lips before taking the bottom in his teeth, biting and pulling lightly. Jack gave a low growl and t... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: True Colors

Daniel uncovers what could be Arty's biggest shame, and Geil gets to see first hand how brotherly Daniel really is.
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Chapter Four: The First Day

Daniel goes to school and meets some not-so-promising people.
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Chapter Five: Tired Eyes

Since it was only Monday, Jack would be home late. Only on Wednesdays and Thursdays could he be early. “Daniel, could you get the f... Read Chapter

Chapter Six: Blue Lips

Daniel has a plan for Morrison, and Jack finally opens up.
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Chapter Seven: To Impress

“My aunt said that whatever he took didn’t react right with the medication he takes for his eye, and that’s why he had that reactio... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: Unlikely Friendship

Joe continues his advances towards Daniel.
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Chapter Ten: Jessica

Daniel had gotten Arty’s signature from some mail he found around and sitting in bed, he painted over the black scribble on the bottom ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven: Love for Children

“You’re not too upset about this trip, right?” Jack asked Arty, carrying their bags into the hotel room. Arty rolled his eyes and s... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve: Snake

Before first hour, Daniel managed to avoid Laura enough to get to his locker. But, it wasn’t enough to avoid Joe, who was leaning again... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen: Scott

Kaiden is starting to get under Daniel's skin.
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Chapter Fourteen: Memory Lane

Things with Kaiden and Shelly start bringing up Daniel's past, and he isn't happy about it.
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Chapter Fifteen: Only Girls Cry

Daniel plays a rigged game of hide-and-seek with Geil, and Henry finds Arty's missing necklace.
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Chapter Sixteen: Sleeping Beauty

Daniel does something to Arty that leaves a slip-up, and Henry is the one to catch on. Joe has a tough decision to make.
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Chapter Seventeen: Close for Comfort

Daniel fluttered his eyes open, a throbbing pain in his head. There was a beeping noise beside him and he looked to his side, a dim light... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen: Life Line

Laura proposes a visit to Morrison in the hospital, Daniel ties up a loose end, and Joe may finally gain Daniel's full trust.
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Chapter Nineteen: From Heaven

Arty plays Daniel, and Laura grows questions towards Kaiden's death.
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Chapter Twenty: Finale

Arty gets to know just what kind of person Daniel really is, and Death his its claws on one more person.
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