Beings: True Fear and The Thing

Script by: Amour Eros



This is a script sequel to True Fear.


Submitted: February 04, 2009

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Submitted: February 04, 2009



(The play takes place in pure blackness. There is nothing to be seen at all. There is sad/creepy music playing in the background.)

The Thing: True?

True Fear: She did it. She shot herself. I...I'm hurt in...a weird sort of way... (deep breathing)

The Thing: What do you mean? We cannot be harmed by any physical... thing! What's wrong with you?

True Fear: I...feel very weak, Thing. The bullet... no, her actions seem to have weakened me somehow. I think that Comfort came and took her away from me.

The Thing: (pauses) That's quite unheard of. Will you get better soon?

True Fear: I think so, I just need Feeling to keep an eye on her until I am well again.

The Thing: Yes, I'll send him after he rests. He's not feeling up to scratch at the moment either.

True Fear: Thank you. (Pauses) I...I'm sorry. I had her so many times...but she always managed to get away.

The Thing: (sighs) Yes, True, they all manage to get away somehow.

True Fear: I promise, as soon as I get better, I will get the girl and bring her to you.

The Thing: Yes, she cannot escape this time. She's in the Other World now.

True Fear: Thing? What do you think will happen if I try to take her now that she's in the Other World? This has never been done before.

The Thing: I do not know.

(Footsteps indicate that The Thing is leaving.)

True Fear: Uh...Thing?

The Thing: (stops) What?

True Fear: Why do you need to get rid of this girl so badly?

The Thing: (sighs) I suppose I can tell you now. You've proven your loyalty.

(There is a pause where The Thing walks back and there is the sound of him pulling up a chair.)

The Thing: I must get rid of this girl because she knows about my existance. And yours. And all the other Emotions. She knows that we are not just feelings, but actual beings. I cannot allow that. I do not want her to be spreading news of our existance or the humans will try to eliminate us.

True Fear: By "us", who do you mean? And how is she communicating with the humans? She's dead!

The Thing: She's sending some sort of vision to them in their heads. She's pretty stubborn for still wanting to try and get it through their thick heads. And by "us", I mean you and I and all the other Fears. Probably Anger and Hate too, though that is

True Fear: I see...why would they want to get rid of us?

The Thing: Because they want to live in a world of comfort and love. They want to lead happy lives.

True Fear: What's wrong with that?

The Thing: It's simply boring. It's not living. For example, if they were to get rid of Nervous Fear, what would they feel when they are about to go down a forty foot drop on those...those...rollcoasters! What would they feel?

True Fear: Huh...I'm not sure...they...they wouldn't be happy...they need to feel some sort of fear, right?

The Thing: Exactly! Without us, their lives would be almost lifeless! What would they get a real jolt from?

True Fear: I see what you're do we get rid of the girl?

The Thing: You go to the Other World and capture her. Then you bring her here where I will devour her soul. Then she will cease to exist at all.

True Fear: Can you really get rid of a soul? What happens to it?

The Thing: It goes go a place called Mu. Nothingness.

(There is a few moments of silence.)

The Thing: Now get your rest, True. You must have a speedy recovery before the humans start believing what she says.

True Fear: Yes.

(There are footsteps. The Thing is leaving.)

© Copyright 2017 Amour Eros. All rights reserved.

Beings: True Fear and The Thing Beings: True Fear and The Thing

Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction




This is a script sequel to True Fear.
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