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Indie and her lifestyle.
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Indie and her lifestyle.

Chapter1 (v.1) - No Official Title

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Indie and her lifestyle.

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Submitted: November 07, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 07, 2008



“So when did you discover you could reach me?” I asked. I put my recorder down slowly while the little girl spoke. I stood across the room far away from her, pressed as tightly against the wall as I could get. The little girl looked at me with wide and terrified eyes.

“Am I in hell?” She mouthed to herself. It confused me. This flat is the exact opposite of what I pictured hell being like.

She had medium hair that went past her shoulders. I could tell that it had once been a lighter brown, maybe a darker blond. Her skin was a slight gray and her eyes were a faded blue. Every time she spoke a little water would come running out her mouth. The poor thing had drowned, and the water in her lungs wouldn't stop coming out. This wasn't the first time I had seen what happens when some one dies with water in their lungs.

She was wearing a very wet, orange dress with palm trees on it. She had a lei around her neck. She dripped all over my floor and on my bed where she sat. Some sand and star fish clung to her pruned body.

“I heard it from the people on the other side.” Water dripped onto my floor from her mouth. “You're a legend. Some people believe and some people don't.” I nodded. I had heard this before. “I'm glad I believed!” She sounded so hopeful

“What happened to you?” I asked. I relaxed a little

“I was fishing with my dad on a boat in Hawaii...” She burped and some sea weed came out. I pretended I didn't see it and she continued. “We were supposed to be just fishing.. But he told me that he forgot the bait...” She covered her head with her hands. “He said we should go play a game in the cabin.. And then he tried to touch me.” If she was able to weep she would have. “He always tried to touch me.” She shook her head. “I jumped off the boat to swim back to shore, but I couldn't make it. It was to far.” She made sobbing sounds with no tears.

I have heard many stories like this. Not exactly the same but similar. Every time it hit me in the heart like a dagger. Who really could bring themselves to harm their own children? To drive them to the point that they need to escape? I continued on to make this as quick as possible.

“How long have you been on the other side?”

“10 years.” She looked up at me. “Does this mean I can move on? That's what the legends have said.” She walked towards me excited and expectant.

“I don't know...” This was the part I hated.

“But.... I need to move on. I need to see my mother.”

“Is your mother dead too?”

“Yes.” She stared into the distance. “Just let me move on!” She shook me with all her little might. My eyes widened and then closed with pain.

“I'm not stopping you.” I said through clenched teeth.

Spirit touches were always the most frightening things. Even if they are as harmless as this little girl, terrifying. They send shivers down your whole body. Goosebumps pop up everywhere (or they would if I ever got goosebumps), and even worse you can see everything that has happened to them from one little touch. All the pain that hey have experienced runs through your mind in two seconds, but feels like it lasts for hours. Your blood freezes.

The girl looked at me with a slanted smile and slowly disappeared into thin air and so did all the water that had dripped onto my things. I never know what happens to them after they leave me. All I know is I never see them again. Hope that they move on is all I could do. The other side is a horrible place to be. The limbo between life and death.

I turned off my recorder and wrote down what she had said in my note book. I filled it into a box under my bed. I was the only person that could understand the tapes. I tried showing people before but all they could hear was static.

I discovered the gift of hearing/seeing the dead when I was very young. When I was a toddler I had fallen into a coma. I was struck by my father. He hit me in just the wrong place on my head. I was stuck in the limbo of life and dead for 2 months, which seems like a life time in the limbo. When I came out of coma I was gifted with being a limboer. At least thats what I call it.

Limboer: A person that can speak to both the living, the dead, and anything that might be in between. May have also been in the limbo themselves

I was the only one of my kind that I knew of. When I was around 5, I had my first experience. That experience was Tony. Tony was one of the worst things that could have happened to me. His one time visit has stuck with me for years and still makes me shiver. Many more of his kind have rolled through my life. Many Many more.

I remember it well. I was sitting in my living room at my Nana's house, I was no longer in the custody of my father since he had hit me. The inside of her house was half pink and half wood paneled. There were old pictures of every family member and various Nana trinkets.

I was sitting on one of those bouncing horses when he appeared in the rocking chair across me bedroom. He was wearing a ragged pair of jeans. He looked very home less. His hair stuck up, full beard, and he smelled. At the time I thought he needed a bath, but now I knew that that stench was the small of rotting flesh.

“Who are you?” I asked. I ceased from bouncy and stared.

“Tony.” He replied quietly.

“I'm Indie.” I stated happily. He looked perfectly normal, and by that I mean not dead. No sign of struggle. No water pouring out of his mouth. As far as I knew he was a friend of my grandma's.

“So a little fucking girl...” He said angrily while staring at the floor. “Some one said it was possible but who would believe such bull shit.”

“Hey don't swear!” I yelled.

“Shut up you brat!” He yelled and shot like a rocket off the chair. His eyes were red as he lunged at me. I screamed in fear and he began to choke me. “What made you so deserving! A fucking child helping those in the limbo! Those that are dead!” He squeezed my wind pipe tighter. I couldn't get any air. “How do they give this job to such a stupid type of person. A girl! A five year old girl!” I flailed violently. I looked at his arms and they had huge slashes on them that ran vertically.

I saw his life. He was happy. Wife, kids, one daughter, and one son. He had dark hair and his wife had blond almost white hair. His girl, Lily, was 4 and his son ,Noah, was 10. They lived in the 1930's during the depression. His daughter was the first to go. She got sick and her body was to weak to keep living. Then slowly his son, then his wife. Tony's whole life went crashing down. He took his life with a shaving razor..

I eventually passed out. When I woke up he was gone, but his memories lingered. I had huge red hand marks on my neck, and my grandmother thought I had done it to myself. She wouldn't listen to a thing I said. She threw me in a closet and made me pray.

Fuck Tony. I'm glad he's dead.

“Indie?” I stood up quickly. Not another one so soon.

“Oh it's you Adriana.” My racing heart slowed.

“Did... Another one show up?”

“Yeah.” I said stroking the bed sheets. “A little girl.”

“I'm so sorry.”

Adriana was the only person who believed me. My own grandmother never believed me, which caused me to go see many doctors, take many pills, see many priests, but nothing stopped them from coming. Adriana was the one that convinced me to talk with them when I was around the age of 14. She said maybe they wanted something from me, and if they did I should find out what.

“Are you ready? She asked lighting the mood.

“Oh yes! Of course.” I smiled and I grabbed my bag.

Tonight was a night of fun, and later of preparation. For the earlier part of the evening we will be going to a party. Out friend Jeb throws a rad Halloween party every year. After, we need to run to the drugs store and pile up on note books. Since today is the day before Halloween I have to prepare for the most haunting day of the year. Thats when I get the most ghosts.

“Must of been awkward for her to see you like that.” Adriana laughed as he pulled me down the block.

“Oh yeah!” I laughed out loud. I was dressed as the devil. That explains the terrified look.

“I wonder what it's going to be like this year.” Adriana said aloud to herself.

A few more blocks and we were there. Jeb's house was a classic Beverly Hill small mansion home, but not in Beverly Hills. The inside was blood splattered with brains on the walls. The fog machine must have been going off all night. I could hardly see any one in front of me The strobe light blinked violently and you could hear a Halloween noise soundtrack in the back round blasting. Jeb went all out for his parties.

“Ladies!” Jeb yelled. He was dressed as a zombie to match his blood spattered walls.

Jeb was five foot nine very normal looking guy. He had medium long hair that was brunette. He had brown eyes, a normal peach completion. He works part time at a coffee shop and the other half of his life is college. An all around normal guy.

“JEB!” Adriana and I shouted at the same time. He gave Adriana a big hug and gave me a wet kiss on the lips.

“Ew!” I shoved him off of me.

“What? You know you're going to fall for me one day. Why not right now!?” He said over the music and squeaky doors.

“Bleh.” I said aloud and quickly ran away from him.

I was Jeb's on going fantasy. He's had this crazy idea in his head that I'm in love with him because he is in love with me. Every valentines day he would ask me to marry him, in high school mind you. What kind of idiot girl gets engaged during high school? Any way.. I was never in love with him. Beside we all know that even if I was he wouldn't get me.

I couldn't recognize any one because they were all dressed up. I went over to one of the many blood stained walls and kept my eyes out for Jeb. I wouldn't want another one of those awkward kisses. I looked around at all the people dancing and laughed. It was so funny to think that Jeb could pick from all these girls dressed as nurses, blond hair, higher then high heels, and he chooses me. How did he get so many friends anyway? I always thought of him as boring.

Me: Indie Pretty. 5 foot tall, long red hair, blue/green eyes, freckles everywhere, big booty, laughes to loud, screams to much, talks with ghosts, weird.

“Indie!” I heard a booming voice that could be no other then Paris.

“Paris!” I shouted back. He laughed as he looked at my costume.

“Fit's your personality.” He said with his Italian accent.

“What ever dude.”

“Did Jeb kiss you? He said he was planning on it.”

“AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!” I hit him in the chest.

Paris was a very large older man. Scruffy beard, poofy hair, and a heart of gold. He reminded me of a huge Italian chef mixed with Santa Clause.

“And ruin the surprise? No way!” He laughed aloud. “Hey. You need to come over and have some of my spaghetti.” He poked my shoulder.

“Will do.” I gave him a thumbs up. “Do you kno...”

My eyes rolled to the back of my head. The walls around me began to quiver and shake. My vision was blurred. I saw depressed faces appear and then disappear.

“What did you say?” Paris asked me awaking me.

“Oh nothing. I think I have to go.”

“What? You just got here and it's only nearly midnight.” He checked my forehead. “You're usually all over Jeb's Halloween parties.”

“I'm sorry.” I turned around “Dinner sometime.” I repeated and left. I hardly got a break at all from the last one!

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