Mary Ann

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it's about a man and his love.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



Mary Ann

"Be quiet, all of you!" a man shouts into the darkness. His outfit,tattered and ragged, makes him have the look and style of a mad man tossed to the streets. He stands in a lone lit spot that is surrounded by a dense abyss of darkness. "Stop insulting, her dammit! Why are you still talking!?" his voice crackles as he screams once more. Once more, for the silence of the darkness...the silence that is already present.

"Shut the hell up, you fuckers!!" he falls to the grounds screaming. He begins to beat the ground with his fist as he continues to issue slurs of screams and swears. No one but the darkness responds with its continuous silence. "I know she took her life because of me!Don't you think I understand it was all because of me!?" he cries out as he slams his fist once more, creating a loud cracking noise,like an egg being used for a bittersweet cake...and then the sounds of meat being beaten were added, giving the sound relative to someone tenderizing a bit of meat that has its bone intact with a mallet,heavy enough to snap the bone that is intact but split in the meat.

"What do you know," the man begins to weep, from the mixture of his pain-stricken hand and what the silence was screaming to him, and him alone. "Nothing is what you know, you obnoxiously spiteful voice.If you have nothing else for me," he continued, setting himself upright on his knees as he sniffles and wipes his tears," then let me end it."

As if his words had reached someone or thing in the darkness, a pistol skids into view...and along behind it a lone bullet. A smile stretches across his face as he stares down at the gun. " prayers...have been heard then, for once," he mutters as his matted, oily hair covers half his face. A single tear run down his face and down his cheek, rushing down to the floor. Landing, the tear soaks a small spot on the floor. He wipes it slowly with his finger and licks it. "The last thing I shall taste before I end this putrid hell," he mutters, reaching for the pistol on the ground. He pops out the magazine and places the lone bullet in it...readying it for the end.

"May we meet again, Mary another life with the," he sings with sorrow and glee. He puts the gun to the side of his head, and cocks it, placing his finger at the ready on the trigger. "And in another life with thee," he sings, silently," I shall be happy...with thee."

He closes his eyes...and pulls the trigger...and a loud bang follows. A pool of fresh blood forms around the freshly-ended corpse. Suddenly,loud laughter emits from the darkness. A never ending laughter...laughter of that of the devil himself with his demons.

The laughter dies down to a mere giggle and he opens his eyes, giggling to a sight too much for any sane person to take and endure. A kitchen, once tidy and white, now painted crimson red with blood. The corpse of one Mary Ann, a blonde female, his lover, on the floor. He falls to the floor next to her, and whispers into the corpses ear,"In another life, my dear." He breaks out into a sickened laughter,tears rolled down his face continuously. He pulled back the shaft of the pistol in his hand, cocking it once more...slowly bringing it under his jaw...and pulls the trigger...ending his life, and his tale.


 His tale about meeting his Mary Ann in another life...has just begun.

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