Shrouded Sight (part 1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sara was stuck between what had happned and what was happening, her life was busy and suddenly her life took a round turn. First sight of that man left her bewildered. Was it a coincidence? Was it just the beginning of the game? Her story is not ordinary but a war. Shrouded sight has 6 parts and this is the first part.

I was late for my office and my car was nearly wrecked,

with my 5 inch heel I had to walk as fast as my legs

allowed me to. Thankfully my brief case was not heavy.

As I was walking someone's shoulder slightly touched

mine, I looked back; “I'm sorry” he spoke and continued

to walk away. I stood there with my heart pounding

frantically inside my ribs. I shook my head and started

walking towards my office. “Something was unusual

about this man” I thought “something ….. Something...

Ah! His eyes.” My mind just could not stop the thoughts,

indeed his eyes were different;he had fearless eyes. The

amount of confidence he had in himself was

extraordinary. I pushed the front door of my office; an

unforeseen grin came upon my lips.

I was an employee of the best news channel in New

York. I had everything in my life; I was an independent,

youthful and an ambitious woman. My past life was

unpleasant but I had learnt to cope up with it. My parents

had left me alone when I was merely a toddler. My uncle

said that they met with an accident but for about 5yrs I

had nightmares and they were all related to my parents’

death. As I grew up the nightmares washed out, I knew

that my uncle was hiding something but I did not have

the audacity to know the truth; I was afraid. That is the

reason why I got fascinated to those fearless eyes. But

as time passed I forgot them, I became busy in my

hectic life.

24th June, 2013, Monday afternoon I was going towards

the office someone was having a hot discussion on his

cell phone. I raised my eyes from the glossy magazine

and came upon something. Well I blinked away and

continued to walk; I could feel sweat building up on my

temple. “Should I alarm the people or should I keep

quiet, should I run or should I stay” many thoughts kept

lingering around whenI heard a bullet run out of a gun. I

closed my eyes and inhaled the oxygen. The door of the

lift opened and I stepped in. My inhalation was

multiplying, “I knew… I knew the slaughterer. I knew his

eyes…I knew those fearless, courageous set of eyes.” But

today he had another expression in his eyes, the

expression of determination. I could hear the footsteps

and cries as the door opened. I stepped out, people were

running recklessly,the police was trying to tranquil the

people, but in anguish no one even bothered to even look

at them. I hurried, tears rolled down my cheeks. I wanted

to be out, to smell the fresh air. I was feeling suffocated

but the police prohibited me to do so. I sat down next to

a tree pot and waited. “Please calm down…no one

should leave…hey you…you can’t go...” the police yelled.

Abruptly the footsteps stopped, the atmosphere became

denser. ‘He’ was down, standing in front of the police.

He searched the room with his eyes and halted when he

bumped into mine, instantly I dropped my eyes, but could

sense his gaze piercing deep inside my body. I could see

his reflection on the tiles approaching towards me.

“Stop”, the police screamed. But his reflexes were fast;

he caught hold of me and brought a jagged knife near

my fragile neck. “No one will get hurt if you let me go.”

He shouted with strange calmness in his voice.Step by

step we moved closer to the exit. “Breath, I won’t hurt

you miss” he whispered in my ears. My body relaxed and

I took a deep breath, at that very second everything just

blurred out.

Submitted: March 19, 2015

© Copyright 2021 amrita roy. All rights reserved.

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