The ego is a fascinating monster .

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we all know that ego destroys us... he who overcomes it wins the race, hasn't it shattered so many relationships? but can we really do that? can we really forget everything n sacrifice our ego....... this is a a story of a girl and her father and the thick wall of ego that tries to separate them.

Submitted: May 28, 2014

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Submitted: May 28, 2014



How would you define a father- daughter relationship? According to me it’s the most beautiful relationship which lasts forever. A father treats his daughter like princess. I remember, when I was in 1st standard I had got an essay topic :- “ My hero”. The first line I had written was that “my father is my hero”. 16th June 2010, I was fired from my job. The news had not yet travelled to my father and the reason for that was that I had barely spoken to him after I had moved out of my house. I really desired his firm hug that day. It was late evening. The atmosphere was frosty; a chill ran down my spine making my body shudder. I wrapped my blanket around my frozen body. I rose from my bed and went towards the window. The blanket was rough for my fragile skin. But I did not mind it, because I only possessed one blanket. I wanted to weep on and on. Anguish and soreness flooded my heart. When I looked down from the window, I saw a girl about 6 or 7 yrs old. She was holding her father’s hand like she would never see him again. I could make out that she was laughing. I could not hear her laughing but I could feel her laughter on my lips. Her smile made my soul smile too. Surprisingly at that very second tears sprung out of my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. I wiped them and picked up my cell phone from the table and hastily dialed the special 10 digits. After a second or so he picked up. Is it is impossible for me to portray my joy in these lifeless words. His voice was compelling as always. I was so happy that I was unable to utter a single word. He spoke, “Amy, my princess are you there? Talk to me my little angle, forget everything, your daddy misses you” those words directly penetrated inside my heart. All I could was cry. A cry of happiness as well as of guilt. “Daddy I miss you , I miss you and I am sorry please forgive me” I spoke. There after we talked for about an hour and it was decided that I would board the first flight available and return back to my sweet home to restart my life with my parents. 20th June,2010, when I was sitting the airplane I was glad that I had kept my ego aside, I was glad that I would soon be with my ‘king’. What was the cause of our separation I thought? My mind took me back to the year of 2009, one month after my college ended. I wanted to be a novelist, I wanted to experience sovereignty and I wished to party and enjoy life. My father was extremely annoyed to hear about my desires. He ordered me to erase all my futile wishes and do what was right( what HE wanted me to do). My ego was hurt; I was wounded by my father’s verdict. At that spur of moment I uttered some brutal words, which I could not take back. I pointed out my father’s failure in his business. He was bewildered after listening to my egotistic words. The following morning I moved out. My mother handed me some cash but I refused it. I just took my luggage and marched out of the house by banging the door. After that I called him once or twice. My ego created a thick barrier between us. Sitting inside the airplane I smiled at my irrational idea of moving out. The fact was that I could barely live without my dad. Today as I am sitting on my chair and am writing I feel a slight curve on my lips. Both of us made our sacrifices. I paused my dream to write. For past 1 year I helped my father in his business. And he from this month permitted me to follow my dream. He wanted me to try both and I accepted it. Both of us kept our ego aside and that made our lives better. --x-- Alanis Morissette stated that :-“The ego is a fascinating monster”. There are many phases in our lives when our ego tries to destroy many cherished things. We all try to triumph over it, but the person who truly surpasses his ego can possess all his prized things.

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