Stockholm, Here I Come

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Obama- Nobel-Bono

Submitted: December 11, 2009

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Submitted: December 11, 2009



With Obama winning and accepting his Nobel prize for peace. I really got puzzled. The guy has done nothing for peace and has actually done nothing for anything so far, and yet was awarded the peace prize. When you come to think of it, it felt like \"Hey, You, take this, we found no body else to fill the place.\"

The guy has just sent more troops to Afghanistan for God's sake. But what would this mean. I started thinking is every war a bad thing. What's the norm that we'll have to set our standards upon. What is our wrong and what is our right. Is this life messed up that sometimes my white is your black and your black is my white.

When we come to think of it, we see people like Bono or John Lennon or Bill Gates, who have done a lot to humanity. And to promote the ideas of peace and they never got nominated for the prestigeous prize.

But what does this prize mean. What does any prize mean. What if Obama has launched a war next year or the year after. What would this mean? Again, I think that some wars should be waged but when one does this he gets stained. For every drop of blood shed, he will be stained. It's the price leaders pay, apparently they are not agonized by it anymore.

I really like Obama, he's a charismatic speaker, and he brings hope to new levels. But Mr. Obama, I think others should have been in your place yesterday.

To the Swedish academy. With things going around this way in your back rooms. I would like to nominate myself to next year's Nobel prize for medicine or literature. I have pioneered in neither, I practically suck at both, I hurt people more than help them, but somehow you can find some success in that. So thanks a lot. Stockholm, Here I Come.

Amr M. Moneib, Cairo, December 2009

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