The Dream of Love

The Dream of Love The Dream of Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Poem on love
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Poem on love


Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



The Dream of Love ...

Life has its own ways of trying me in every possible way,

I keep hurrying to catch up every single day,

there's work, there's home, there's family and friends,

I try very sincerely to give my best to these intricate elements

that most often than not I forget myself , my dreams , my passions...

Sometimes I feel like I'm living only for others,

Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone and helpless

Sometimes I feel like I'm sacrificing everything I have to

just see a smile spread across a loved one's face ....

But when I close my weary eyes every night ...

there are no more challenges awaiting me ...

I slowly drift away into a magical darkness ...

It's now a beautiful world that I see ...

he is sitting just beside me ..

his adorable eyes filled with an aura of unconditional love,

his long slender fingers running through the lengths of my hair,

his warm consoling breath falling on my drained out skin

I feel so safe, so calm, so peaceful, so heavenly ...

It feels so real, I can feel his warmth deep inside...

I know for sure .. that its' just a dream ....he'll never be mine ..

But I still paint my dream more beautifully each day ...

blending in a softer stroke of love each time,

a brush of romance, a generous smear of affection, a smudge of intimacy ...

creating an enchanting moment of intense desire ..

after all it's the one dream that makes my life so beautiful ....

the only memory that helps me smile and live up to toughest of times...

Now I realize why my heart dances with joy every night

no matter how tired or worn out I might be ...

no matter how drained out or stressed out I might be ...

not because it's finally time to relax

not because it's finally a chance to rest

but just because it's time to see the most beautiful dream of my life ..

the dream with just him beside me ....

the dream that made me realize the meaning of love....

- Amu

© Copyright 2017 Amu. All rights reserved.

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The Dream of Love

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