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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A narrative poem about paranormal romance.

Submitted: May 07, 2014

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Submitted: May 07, 2014



Shadows and darkness,

It's way past the midnight.

Whispers in the night

Won't keep me alive.

There's nowhere to hide,

I know that you're here,

I can feel your deadly presence.

There, you step out of the shadows,

And in the bright moonlight,

I can see your lips curving into a dangerous smile.

Your skin is icy cold,

And your eyes change colour,

From black to red, then back.

I know what you are.

I see the hunger in your eyes,

As they turn pitch black once again.

I want to scream, but your smile keeps me silent.

I want to run, but your eyes are keeping me frozen in place.

I want to cry, but your calm breathing makes me swallow my fear.

You are slowly moving closer to me,

I'm gone, there is no escape.

And now you're just inches away.

You leaned in, ready to bite.

I know who you are.

Oh, let's just finish with this already!

I can't suffer my useless life anymore!

I can feel your poisonous venom,

As I step closer to you,

My skin breaking beneath your sharp teeth,

And my blood flowing down your throat.

I scream in pain,

As your venom flows through my veins.

I know that my end is very close now,

I feel the numbness taking over my being.

I shut my eyes and let the death take me.




When suddenly,

You let go off of me.

I look up to see your face,

You're looking down at me.

Your eyes are soft, your smile is gone,

My blood is dripping down your lips.

But I am still alive!

How could that be?

I shout in agony,

As your venom reaches my heart,

Setting my mind and body on fire.

You wrap your arms around me,

And you hold me tight.

You lean in and whisper to me

"I love you",

Then leave a soft, warm kiss on my lips.

My eyes widen in shock.

What? No, that cannot be!

You can't feel love for me.

But as my body burns,

I realize what you have done.

You bit me, not to kill me,

But to change me into someone like you.

You wish to be with me forever.

As I stand there,

My body numb in your arms,

Waiting for this to be over,

Cursing the one, that created this torture.

As hours have passed,

The burning has stopped,

Leaving the flames at the back of my throat,

To remind me of my thirsty need,

For as long as I will live.

I open my eyes and gaze up at your face,

And drowning in the depth of your beautiful crimson eyes,

I realize that I'm in love with you.

I have been since the moment I met you.

So I give you a passionate kiss,

To show you my feelings of love.

And I whisper to you

That, I love you too.

We have the whole eternity in front of us,

And even Death isn’t able to separate us,

As we are both, already half-dead.

We hold each other's hands with a smile,

As we step into the dark,

And begin to hunt down our prey,


© Copyright 2018 amwaywardhunter. All rights reserved.

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