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Have you ever loved so much that it hurt so badly?

Submitted: May 07, 2014

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Submitted: May 07, 2014



I'm the tear in your eyes,

I spread when you cry.

I always feel your pain,

But you never feel mine.


She always makes you cry

When she lies to you,

When she's around other guy.

Why do you let her hurt you?


You know, she's lying to you,

You know, she's playing with you.

She doesn't know you,

She doesn't want you.

But I do.


I always see when you smile,

I see you when you cry.

Everytime she hurts you,

You always come to me.

But why, why me?


You'll say, "No one cares about me".

But I do.

I know I love you,

But you can't see it.


It's hard for you to get over her,

I understand.

But why can't we try?

I know that you like me.


Why, oh why do I love you?

Why you?

It hurts so much,

When you tell me how much you love her.


But I just keep smiling,

Waiting for you to realise that

I love you.

Just give me a chance,

Let us try.


My heart burns every time

You say her name,

My heart dies

When you say you love her.


But I'll never show you my pain,

You have enough of your own.

She'll never be yours,

You'll never be mine.


Why, oh why do we love

What we can't have?

I'm the tear in your eyes,

I hate when you cry,

Just as much as I hate seeing her smile.

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