between speaking & keeping

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"Saying nothing sometimes saying the most" Amily Dickenson. Anyway it is up to you to decide.

Submitted: April 21, 2010

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Submitted: April 21, 2010



You are keeping silence. Only drinking your coffee. My long-expected coffee my long expected meeting. You are drinking it. We don't speak (oh, my Gosh! I use the pronoun "we" I wont use it again! because we do not exist. can you hear it? ). we are keeping silence. Till today didn’t realized that it is useful and has more sense than words that hurt you more and more. 

You are keeping silence because it's in your nature. I do it because I've got a lack of words to say all hat I want.  I want to tell you so much stuff. For example there is no others, there are only you and me in my life. But I don’t know whether you know about it. Or to tell you that today I'm leaving the city. Our theater has a tour. But let it be only in my mind, not in real life.

Sitting and admiring your eyes, carefully for you not to notice it. We are keeping silence. But saying goodbye is likely aloud.

Train “Chernihiv-Odessa” Departure: 5 pm Arriving: 8 am

No one is here to farewell me on the railway station.  Though, no one knows about it. Silence is chasing me. Odessa too. To stay in the city? To exchange tickets , miss two important exams in the university,  not to go to work (hope that after not coming  they’ll fair me).  Not to meet my friend in the airport? But I can’t stay alone in the city.

- Hey! Wanna  see you today! The way to me will take you only  5 hours! 5 hours and you are here/ the hotel is gorgeous!

The last sentence are still in the folder “unsent messages”. I was afraid to receive NO.

- Don’t be afraid. You will archive nothing with fair, - I always say it to others. I’ve got to have smb to tell me it.

Tell… The straggle between speaking & keeping silence. I know that you love silence. But I want to have small talks sometimes.

A little girl is home alone.:  Knock-knock

- Who is there?

- Abso-fucking-lutely love!

- Love?

- Yep! You always hesitate & can’t let it get in. will you open the door?

- No! I never open the doors to unknown people!

- Well, sleep alone then!

- But if I open the door, what might be then?

- I might attack you & you might fall in love with smb!

- Mmm… and how is that? How does it feel being in love?

- Open the door! I’ll tell you!

She opens the door. And there is no one…

- Weird. With whom did I talk to?

The eternal  question: to open or not to open the door.

I am proud of you.

Good night! /Buenas noches!

Let’s go to Dominican together.

Think you love me but I don’t. ‘Cause I can’t . I just want you to be happy, just want you…


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