Something Never to be Forgotten

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This is something I typed a long time ago for a assignment. I don't really remember what it was over but my topic was the tragedy of the Holocaust. It's a paragraph but I hope it moves you in some way.

Submitted: October 04, 2013

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Submitted: October 04, 2013



I walked slowly in the icy, cold winter taking in all that’s around me.  The only thing on the ground is the fluffy snow.I take a deep breath and I can smell the roses in my small pale hands.I’m in an enclosed area that only has run down buildings and barbed wire fences.I came here to write a story on this place.At first when they said many died here just a couple of months ago in this Winter Wonder Land I thought it was a joke.  But now as I see Jews piled up high in mounts and ditches that were made for them, I have to believe it now.I look at the lifeless faces and I wonder how they felt being part of this mistake in history that hopeful will not be repeated.I hope the World learned from this mistake.Now as I lay the red roses down in the middle of this crime I pray that new life is close behind.

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