Missing Piece

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Dedicated to those who have known and lost a friend, or a sister; this is a reach out. Even if I cry a thousand rivers, it would never bring you back, my dear.

Submitted: November 13, 2017

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Submitted: November 13, 2017





I knew her since we went to the same school,

She was kinda nice and pretty cool,

She was the good vibe,

Always adored and forever liked.


She was always positive,

And that made her attractive,

She smiled in the midst of sadness,

She saw the light even in darkness.


She was diligent and confident,

Given any position and situation,

She was always intelligent,

In making the right decision.


No one should know,

Maybe because she never showed,

All the times she had live life grasping a risk,

Nobody knew she’d live life battling a disease.


She was all smiles the happy pill,

Even in times of pain and feeling ill,

If that was what it takes to prove it wrong,

That was her fight song she knew all along.


No one has to know and see,

Because that was not how she pictured her life would be,

She should be strong and shine as bright,

What’s to life if she’s not willing to put up a fight?


She wanted a kind smile, respect and dignity,

Never once felt dejected out of sympathy,

She yearn nothing to be left behind,

Just a memory to be cherished in passing time.


She was a kind friend,

Either a shoulder to lend or to offer a hand,

She was the sister in need,

Just a thousand people you would want to meet.


She didn’t want to leave,

She didn’t want anyone to grief,

Many times she tried to stay a while ago,

But she knew now it’s her time to go.


Life with her was complete,

Without her it felt like a missing piece,

Her presence will be timely missed,

May her soul rest in peace.


© Copyright 2018 Amy Furzane. All rights reserved.

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