Hocus Pocus - The Virgins Heart

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Inspired by the film Hocus Pocus, which I loved as a kid!

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



A voice in the twilight on the three hundredth day.

Called to a virgin who's dormant heart lay.

Upon this heart a witch cast a spell.

Sang her curse through the land, as the waters did swell.

The virgin arose from a deep, peaceful slumber.

To the cemetery she fled, through leaf and stone she plundered.

Her eyes met those of a beautiful man.

With a beautiful smile, who took her hand.

But the virgins hand did not meet his.

Through air she felt nothing, but a fine October mist.

Frightened she turned, as if to run.

But he spoke to her gently, 'Please listen, my love.

I am a ghost, a spirit of a man.

Who's life was dealt, by the witch's cruel hand.

I could not love her, for this she stopped my heart.

Sentenced me to wander lands, a life of death and dark.

But my eyes saw you, your innocence, your grace.

I feel alive just looking at you and your beautiful face.

Please sit with me here, let's watch the stars.

The witch may have cursed me, but this night could still be ours.'

They sat and laughed, spoke through the night.

Of love and magic, in the pale moonlight.

Soon the sun begun to rise.

The witches voice shrieked, piercing morning skies.

'The man you love is one of night.

A ghost who will rise every Hallow's Eve twilight.

You will mourn him and ache all the year through.

Until deaths sweet lips are kissing you.

For he broke mine, and from then on I swore.

In it's place, a virgins heart will fall.'

The young, lost beauty began to weep.

For in her heart she know's he'll keep.

She whispered 'Goodbye, until next year'.

He sighed 'I love you, don't mourn me my dear'.

With that they were gone and she was left all alone.

Dazed and upset, she stumbled to her home.

One year later, dashing to the graves.

She watched the sun go down, to see her man again.

His beautiful eyes met her enchanted gaze.

Too soon the sun returned, in it's pink-orange haze.

She spoke to him, 'Look' and took out a knife.

She stabbed her grieving heart, there ending her life.

He shouted to the sky, 'Look what you've done!

My love, my angel. You knew this day would come!'

The witch didn't respond, but merely cackled.

He's broken, finished. Forever his heart shackled.

But the witch did not win, her cursed curse failed.

For it could only be broken, if true love prevailed.

The virgins spirit joined it's lover.

They kissed and rejoiced, and held one another.

No longer mourning her midnight man.

A life but a price to pay as they took each others hands.

Sometimes at night on all Hallow's eve.

You can see the lovers kiss, under the cemetery trees.

© Copyright 2018 Amy I Hughes. All rights reserved.

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