After The End

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the distant future the world has been changed forever. After an apocalyptic nuclear war, much of humanity has died out, and out of the ashes of their demise have risen the vampires. 200 years on from the war, the humans still live in fear. This story follows two bounty hunters, each with their own secrets, as they set off on a simple mission of revenge and end up caught up in something neither of them expected.

**Warning: contains some strong language, violence and sexual content.**

Table of Contents


Just to say, I will be going through and editing soon so please let me know if there's any glaring mistakes! Read Chapter


  The vampire’s most recent lair was an abandoned basement, and was as to be expected - dark, dank and disgusting. S... Read Chapter


Over the next week the terrain grew steadily rockier until, on the sixth day, the young woman, Mila, reached the foot... Read Chapter


Rocky mountain landscapes dissolved into wide, open grasslands. Still she rode on. She could sens... Read Chapter


The wind had vanished by the time night fell, leaving the evening warm and calm. Mila had built the fire an... Read Chapter


  Mila left the following morning before Caelan had woken, eager not to continue their conversatio... Read Chapter


(Note: contains strong language, and some gory violence) Read Chapter


Seth let out a scream of fury, his calm facade shattering into fangs and crimson e... Read Chapter


  She let the darkness embrace her as gravity took hold, knowing with an increasingly se... Read Chapter


      Mila woke the next morning, disorientated. She peered up at the ceiling and unfamili... Read Chapter


Mila stood up, facing him properly. He walked forwards slowly. “I’ve got quite an interesting little st... Read Chapter


  They passed the rest of the day in near silence. And the night. Mila couldn’t help keeping an even close... Read Chapter


There was a quiet murmuring in the darkness. With effort Mila managed to focus in on the sound. “…b... Read Chapter


The graveyard was dark under the waning full moon, the shadows long and treacherous. The vampire stood under a large oak tree, ... Read Chapter


Mila’s wound was starting to throb but she gritted her teeth, determined to keep her hand stead... Read Chapter


So I know I haven't posted any of this story for ages, for which I'm sorry, but hopefully it'll be getting back on track now so keep an eye out for more chapters posted soon!

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    The next few days also passed in relative silence, although Mila couldn’t help noticing that ... Read Chapter


  Up close, the bridge was impossibly huge, looming into the growing darkness around them like something fro... Read Chapter


    The sun rose the next morning in a cloudless sky. Caelan donned his hat, the brim casting a shadow over h... Read Chapter


  Mila knew Caelan was struggling under the sun. He didn’t mention it of course, but every time she looked... Read Chapter


    He betrayed me. The three words flashed before Mila’s eyes, angry and red. Already she co... Read Chapter


    The sun was still quite low in the sky when the farmhouse came into view. Not low enough though that Mila... Read Chapter


    An exploration of the manor house had revealed one single basement, locked from the inside. Mil... Read Chapter


    The manor house was a blaze of light against the darkening sky, the heat flickering across Mila’s face ... Read Chapter


    Mila seemed to be in a state of resigned apprehension - or at least that was how it seemed to Caelan. She... Read Chapter


      To start, Mila hadn’t been sure it was her pack. The location was wrong, and it wa... Read Chapter


    As promised, their weapons and packs were returned to them. Mila had been given free reign of A... Read Chapter


    The next day dawned sunny, and Mila felt surprisingly light as she descended her caravan steps ... Read Chapter


      Mila stared at the pastel yellow summer dress in alarm. “I… um…” Andrea smiled. ... Read Chapter


    There was a warm weight across her torso and, half in and half out of sleep, Mila started to st... Read Chapter


    Mila had to admit that Tay’s assessment of the stables was fair, but despite how rough and re... Read Chapter


    Mila woke to the sound of birds. There was a shadow across her face and she looked up, disorientated, to ... Read Chapter


    It was a few hours before sunrise when they crept out of the caravan. Mila had managed to studi... Read Chapter


    By the afternoon of the next day, Mila couldn’t help wondering if the continuous cycle of for... Read Chapter


  Careless, Mila cursed herself. So careless. She’d been so wrapped up in everything else, she’d more or less forg... Read Chapter


    Mila’s leg was throbbing with every step but she grit her teeth, refusing to give Damion or a... Read Chapter


  Damion’s arms were tight around Mila’s waist, dragging her down the hallway, away from the hall, away from Caela... Read Chapter

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