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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A few years ago, our world changed forever. Vampires revealed themselves to mankind and humans everywhere found themselves forced to begin a shaky alliance with the creatures that should be their natural enemies.

When Verity Annis was 18, her boyfriend Finn disappeared before her very eyes. Until The Revelation she didn't understand what she'd seen. Now she knows the truth - he was turned into one of them. In her eyes these vampires are nothing more than undead abominations, a view not shared by society as a whole.

But when Finn is accused of murder he turns to Verity to help him, whisking her away from the safety of her home and into the complex and frightening world of The Seat - the pinnacle of the vampire hierarchy. Before long, it becomes clear that navigating the twisting politics and relationships here is the least of Verity’s worries. Someone has framed Finn, someone who also has it in for her, and they are both in mortal danger…

Rated PG-13 for moderate sexual content, violence/horror, and some language

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Prologue

PART ONE       Prologue   Emergency radio broadcast, 18th August 2017   Thi... Read Chapter

1. Murder

        20th October 2019   Verity   I switched on the TV. Jeremy... Read Chapter

2. Reunions

          Finn I had been lying, completely motionless, for the last hour, desperately h... Read Chapter

3. Escape

    Finn   The moment I woke up I was alert. I took the quickest shower of my life before chugging back a ... Read Chapter

4. Kidnap

  Verity The familiar awkward feeling of trying to rest your head against a car window greeted me as I finally woke up. I fe... Read Chapter

5. Paris

“So…” Finn looks sideways at me. “I had a good time tonight.”  He looks so swe... Read Chapter

6. The Seat

The journey from Paris to Prague took us 8 and a half hours of speeding. We barely spoke, but I had to admi... Read Chapter

7. Alice

Finn   Benedikt’s cold eyes surveyed me but the icy fear that used to grip me when I was in his presen... Read Chapter

8. The Party

I had barely woken up when there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” I called blearily. “Alice. Can I com... Read Chapter

9. New Revelations

Alice led me out into the gardens, finally stopping under a carved wooden gazebo. I sat down next to her. “Sorry about th... Read Chapter

10. The Question Game

    That night was the happiest I had been in a while. Finn showed me the gardens, which were beautiful even at nig... Read Chapter

11. Pillow Talk

I dreamed. A cold, January mist enveloped me and I shoved my hands deep into the pockets of my coat as I walked. The night was dark a... Read Chapter

12. Benedikt

By that evening I had made up my mind. “I want to contact my mum,” I told Finn, in a tone that dared him to disagree. “And Jere... Read Chapter

13. Investigations

Finn was very quiet while I told him what had happened, but I could see the anger in his clenched jaw and stiff finge... Read Chapter

14. Schemes

Alice Drew muttered something in his sleep and I paused, midway through slipping on the dressing gown I had found in his cu... Read Chapter

15. Confrontations

Verity   “What is it with vampires and posh parties?” I asked irritably, donning my heels before straightening... Read Chapter

16. A Study in Scarlet

Alice   I knew it was probably foolish. I knew it would probably make no difference. But still I had to try. I knocked g... Read Chapter

17. Thicker than Water

Ivan came at me and I instinctively let my body drop down and to the side, rolling as soon as I landed, but... Read Chapter

18. Mercy

The throne room was empty. The lack of guards on the door probably should have tipped me off, but I had been in too much of a hurry to re... Read Chapter

19. Fight, Flight

Someone was shaking me, saying my name. I opened my eyes but everything was blurred and bright and I immedi... Read Chapter

20. Dawn

I took the steps two at a time, my heart pounding in my ears. What if I met another group of Hunters? The explosions had stopped now, but... Read Chapter


Finn   I felt the last rays of the sun finally fade from the sky and carefully pushed open the door of my hiding place, unfo... Read Chapter

PART TWO: Prologue

In the last week Verity's life has changed forever. As well as having rekindled her love for her old boyfriend, the vampire Finn Anderson, she now knows that she is descended from Hunters and has powers she doesn't yet truly understand. Hoping to learn how to use these gifts, she has joined the Hunters, led by her father, Jared Armstrong.

But the Hunters aren't content with hiding in the shadows anymore. They hope with human support to do what they were always meant to do - destroy the vampire race.

A war is brewing. The world will not be the same again. And Verity is caught in the middle of it. Read Chapter

1. In Memoriam

5th November 2019   Verity   A fist flew towards me. I barely had time to think before raising my lef... Read Chapter

2. Secrets

It can’t be… “Are you all right?” Yvonne’s voice seemed somehow muffled. Why him? Why couldn’t it have been... Read Chapter

3. Target Practice

The bolt missed the yellow middle of the target by an inch, planting itself on the wider red circle with a dull thud. I couldn... Read Chapter

4. Best Served Hot

“Verity? Are you still there?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m here,” I said quickly. “What are you doing here?” “Making sure yo... Read Chapter

5. Treachery

  I braced myself for the blow, but nothing came. Carefully, I let my gaze slide over to my father, but as soon as our eyes met ... Read Chapter

6. The Journey Home

  The black car sped down the country road.  Inside there was a muted calm. I sat in the back, carefully nurs... Read Chapter

7. On the Edge

  Everyone had frozen. The man on the floor was just staring at the gun, wide eyed, and the two men still st... Read Chapter

8. Analepsis

Finn   Everything was cold and dark. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t open my eyes. I could only cower as... Read Chapter

9. Monsters and Men

Finn   I drifted slowly from unconsciousness as the door opened. Then suddenly I was catapulted into reality - som... Read Chapter

10. Apollo

Finn was already on the table when I came in, propped up at a rough 45 degree angle. His wrists were in the same handcuffs as before but ... Read Chapter

11. Stalemate

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… Still nothing. No fire, no burning. I found myself approaching Finn cautiously. He looked stunned. ... Read Chapter

12. Sanctuary

Verity   Jeremy’s voice was starting to tire. He took a small sip of water before finishing his story. “We were plan... Read Chapter

13. Strategy

The sun had set and my stomach was rumbling. At Alice’s suggestion Jer had gone out and bought some food supplies earlier in ... Read Chapter

14. Hook, Line and Sinker

The wooden decking slammed into my spine and the air was knocked from my lungs. I opened my mouth to cry out, but no sound came... Read Chapter

15. Bargains

Finn was pacing up and down in front of the cottage, face pale and drawn, hands restless at his sides. Alice stood by her car, ... Read Chapter

16. The Benefactor

Rolfe’s sharp blue eyes swept over the scene. He didn’t look impressed. “What a mess,” he said scathingly, to no one in... Read Chapter

17. The Eye of the Storm

Everything was silent. My feet seemed to be glued to the floor. I couldn’t move. “Dieu…” Alice was murmuring, eyes ... Read Chapter

18. Farewells

Verity   The clock beside my bed told me it was 10.30 when I finally woke up. Bleary eyed I dragged my protesting body into ... Read Chapter


Finn   I’d only meant to sleep for an hour, maybe two, but when I finally woke up it had been closer to 9. Stiffly I stumb... Read Chapter

PART THREE: Prologue

The dreaded war between vampires, humans and Hunters is about to erupt, and it is at least partially Verity’s fault.

But Verity is home now and, more or less, safe. The events of the previous few weeks, as well as the unfolding conflict in Prague, seem strangely distant from the old routine she finds herself trying to reclaim.

That is, until she receives a proposition from an unexpected source and finds herself dragged back into the vampires’ world once more. Read Chapter

1. Aftermath

12th November 2019   Verity   The rain had started falling on the drive over; a misty drizzle that didn’t qui... Read Chapter

2. Confessions

    I couldn’t help hesitating as I raised my hand to knock on the apartment door. What if Finn didn’t want to see ... Read Chapter

3. Apologies

I noticed the taxi driver eyeing my black duffel bag and the private plane waiting on the tarmac warily as I paid him. Feeling slightly g... Read Chapter

4. Council Meeting

A big, black car was waiting for us on the runway. I descended the plane steps with some trepidation but then a young woman appeared from... Read Chapter

5. Parley

Alice showed me to my room, and although I tried to sleep I couldn’t seem to get my eyes to close or my brain to shut off. When I final... Read Chapter

6. Foul Play

Finn   Drew looked annoyed. Not that I blamed him - the last half an hour had been an increasingly tedious back and forth of... Read Chapter

7. Massacre

*contains some quite graphic violence* Read Chapter

8. Vltava

The water hit me with what felt like the force of a speeding car and I passed out again. When I came to I was under the water. I coul... Read Chapter

9. Flotsam and Jetsam

  I didn’t remember much after that. Clarissa took me back to The Seat. There was a woman in a lab coat, some bandages and a b... Read Chapter

10. Isaac

I ended up wandering through the gardens for a little while longer, trying to clear my head. I could still feel the light tingl... Read Chapter

11. The Traitor

  “Corwin!” At the sound of Clarissa’s voice Corwin’s snarl vanished. He straightened ... Read Chapter

12. Assassination

Alice   The Vltava River was dark and horribly cold, its fingers reaching through my clothes and stroking my skin with an un... Read Chapter

13. The Second Son

Verity   The Charles Bridge Massacre had been terrifying, but this, this was torture. The waiting. The not-quite-knowing. ... Read Chapter

14. Turning Tables

Alice   Catalina came for me again and I twisted out of the way. A sharp, metallic pain shot through my body as her knife sl... Read Chapter

15. The Shade

  “Alice!” Finn and I both cried out at the same time, running towards her limp figure. Her eyes were struggli... Read Chapter

16. Distractions

      My pillow was wet with tears when I woke up. For a few moments the memory of my dreams danced ... Read Chapter

17. Answers

      I found the Hunters on one of the huge back lawns - a group of about 20 of them, all sparring together. ... Read Chapter

18. The Immortals

  The wind picked up and I shivered under my jacket, rubbing my hands together briefly before replacing them on the cr... Read Chapter

19. Revenge

Everything was happening so fast it was hard to follow, especially from the relatively safe distance of the roof I was positioned on. In ... Read Chapter

20. Seeing Red

Finn   The smell was the worst thing. The screaming you could more or less drown out after a while, but the blood ... Read Chapter

21. The End

Verity   In a way the silence was worse than the fighting had been. In the midst of all the chaos, it had been easy to separ... Read Chapter

22. Ice and Fire

Alice   Benedikt was… drowning. That was the only way I could think to describe it. The free... Read Chapter

23. Justice

Verity   The execution chamber was almost exactly the same as I remembered it - the cold stone walls, the lone window (curre... Read Chapter

24. The Cure

11th December   The day Finn took the cure was one of the coldest days of the year. The weather more or less matched my ... Read Chapter


14th March, 2020   I switched on the TV. Jeremy was still getting ready, his hurried footsteps upstairs sounding akin to a b... Read Chapter