Once Upon a February Night

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The poem is about the shock and horror of the realiazation of having been in a relationship for a whole decade based on lies.

Submitted: April 21, 2007

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Submitted: April 21, 2007




Once Upon a February Night

by Amy Saleh

guess i'll be walkin home alone tonight

feels like autumn though it's february

there is no one else in my sight

headlights and taillights in a flurry

i see them racin home in a hurry

don't know where i'm headin

my eyes filled with tears and blurry

me heart doin the leadin

my feet followin their own memory

they know where they're goin

i reach where once upon a february

many years before...it was rainin

just like tonight i was weary

he was comin my way, smilin

i was clumsy and overcome with worry

i smiled back, my eyes betrayin

my fear that i was just gonna burry

my head in his chest and give in

he knew how i was feelin

he told me not to worry

said he'll never ever give me pain

we walked together that february

night and never parted since then

but now he's changed and i carry

the wounds of his deception

the lies the hurt the fury

he left my heart bleedin

i crossed the road feelin eerie

unseein what hit me i was fallin

red tributaries flowin...sorry

tears of ragin blood wellin

through my eyes... wounds carry

the life out of me thus bringin

down at last the very

finishing act and final curtain

on my life's unfortunate story

© Copyright 2019 Amy Saleh. All rights reserved.

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