Thinking Outside the Box About Outside the Box Thinking!!!

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Submitted: February 29, 2008

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Submitted: February 29, 2008



Thinking Outside the Box about Outside-the-Box Thinking!!!!!!!!!

About time we find a new phrase to replace 'Outside the Box.' Any suggestions? THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!! Yeah! HeHeHeHe..:

When I was thinking a good advertisement should smack you right between your eyes, I didn't mean it literally!!! As I stepped out of my front door to get the morning paper, there it came, with perfect aim, and hit me… smack between the eyes… literally!!!! Perhaps this is the only manner in which an ad would hit you smack between the eyes nowadays.

Do ideas today come from outside the box, come out of a box, or is the BOX JUST GETTING BIGGER?

I'd like to explore a new way of doing advertising. I'm THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX HERE!!! Look at all the ads you read, see, hear and those that pop up while you're checking your e-mail or browsing the Internet. Tell me which ad caught your attention and compelled to read, learn, Google, research more about its offerings and I'll tell you why. Because it FELT YOU!

Today's consumers are both more aware of what they need, want and desire weary of advertising because all it does is manipulate us and play on our emotions. How often to you actually read the copy of an ad or click on an online ad?

The only thing that brings a customer to your business' doorstep is the truth about your product/service. If it's good, it should sell itself. All you have to do is tell the TRUTH and let people know you're there. But with millions of products with attractive packaging and prominent displays on shelves, how will people differentiate and what influences their selection?


Trust = Reliability + Delight

It's not about visual creativity and beauty alone anymore, alone. This is a shallow and superficial view. It's not price, place or promotion. It's about attitude and respect. It's about relationships. Why's does the drugstore owner down the block have lifetime customers? Because they have a lifetime relationship. TRUTH!!!!! It's the little personalized things that the store owner goes the extra mile and does to show respect, care and reliable service. It's the little daily conversations about your kids' hobbies, their education, your dreams and how your day at work was that keep you coming back, not the prices, promotions or display of products on shelves.

A good business-customer relationship, in my opinion is like a good marriage. And a bad marriage is like e-books!!!!!

I've got you saying what has marriage got to do with e-books?!!!!!!!' Haven't I? Huh?

Think about it. How often do you search on the Internet for something and land at a site that promises to let you in on a secret… the key to solving your problem or just what you need to be successful? It's often supported by scores of success stories and testimonials, and how all this is just a click away only to find when you DO click, that all they're after is YOUR CREDIT CARD!!! Doesn't this just piss you off???

When a guy marries the woman of his dreams, he's thinking… 'she's beautiful, she's fashionable, she wears designer clothes, has her nails manicured, oh just look at them knockers.' But wake up Dude, all this is just a click away. To get any further, you need to have A CREDIT CARD!!! So guys watch out for the lovely packages and look for the TRUTH. The MIND and HEART inside. If it's good, it doesn't matter whether it comes with a designer label or just out of a plain recycled jam jar with masking tape for labels (that's how Anita Roddick started the Body Shop).

What do the experts say? 'It's not what we think it is… it's what THEY think it is.' I say it's not what we think it is… it's what THEY FEEL it is. Truth be told, it's a gut feeling that brings them to buy what you're selling.

So The new phrase, in my opinion should be 'FEEL!'

FEEL Your Customers… UNDERSTAND what they need, want and desire… and Tell and Look for the TRUTH!!!!!

Need I say more????????????????

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