What is Courage

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The answer to the present lies within the not too distant past...

Submitted: March 22, 2008

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Submitted: March 22, 2008



I swim through their webs of innocent lies

Their elaborate tales no more fool me

Warmth I feel in the glow of Truth

Calm I am in the haven of my Faith

Strong I am to face my greatest fear

Anemic they are in their castles of air

They will cast their webs on more prey

While to my Creator in gratitude I pray

For making me see them for what they are

For the love of good friends near and far

For Countless Miracles and Heavenly Mercies

For serenity to live without their prophecies

For light of knowing inside the true path

Blessed I am with the gift of True Love

That of the Divine One, and His creatures to serve

Ask what courage is… Search your Soul

The answer lies within; the writing is on the wall

He who fights himself is the bravest ‘tis True

He who fights himself is the bravest ‘tis True

With words some fight windmills…Be not frightened

Some pray, heel, join, build… be enlightened

Some rewrite and rewrite history, how absurd!

Do they ever learn it repeats itself; have they not heard?

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