Wild Deer

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This came out of the wilderness of the heart...just like a dream

Submitted: May 07, 2007

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Submitted: May 07, 2007




Wild Deer

By Amy Saleh


I was in the mood for writing

This hot midsummer night

Weary from work and worry

My eyes drifted off in the night


I was in a lush green meadow

I felt a presence... My eyes fell upon a shadow

There he stood in his majestic splendors

Rising to a full height... such magnificent antlers

There was something different how he carried himself

His grace... his beauty... so full of life

Yet his eyes betrayed a sad wisdom

Hurt and pride in a being used to freedom

He flinched not as he caught my sight

His stance exuding courage and might

My heart overcome with love and affection

I wanted badly to offer my protection

At that timeless moment I had just one desire

To wrap my arms around him whom I so admire

My heart ached as I sensed his pain

I wanted to kiss his eyes again and again

I told myself I must tread very lightly

I thought I saw him smile... ever so slightly


I couldn't spoil this precious moment

And chose to watch him intimately from afar

For he looked so right... so dignified

A mixture of hurt, composure and pride

His wound barely a perceptible wince

His posture that of a warrior prince


Oh! Sweet deer, my friend, my dear

How I long for your embrace

I want to take away all your hurt

To caress your beautiful face

To kiss away all the tears

You hide so well and show no fears

But no! It would be vile... it would be wrong

To touch what to me does not belong

Oh deer! My sweet deer

You look so right so sincere

Untouched... unspoilt... so calm and serene

So fitting in your world clean and green

Suffice for me to watch you from afar

For to me you're as reachable as a star


Peace and love to you, lovely deer

You will be all right my friend my dear


In a blink he disappeared in the wilderness

As my eyes adjusted to the room's darkness

For hours on end I sat in a trance

My heart lonely for another glance

Alas! It was but a memory... a tender dream

Yet a connection so vivid so extreme



© Amy Saleh May 8, 2007 all rights reserved

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