A photograpic memory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A photographic memory.




A photographic memory

Cardboard stares everywhere,
chalked outlines smudge by,
dense profound soured clouds,
hang heavy,
bringing the atmosphere down.

 A shade so potent.

Perpetually we stand,
grey expressions confront the uncertainty;
the traffic chaotically whistles on.
Planted above ground deeper we part,
despite claims of ones heart.

Our idiosynchronicity:
part of life’s calamities;
as we suffer an anaphylactic dyspraxia;
a culmination directly linked to the situation.

The stakes twist in our affairs.

Symbols crashing,
never hitting;
the conductors beat,
is off rhythm.

it seems, good people hang from trees;
where roots are steeped deep,
in evil beneath.

Acid rain pours,
relentlessly from the skies,
bleaching the streets,
corroding the autonomy that I had in mind.

(For the borrowed fraction owed within that moment;
I realised we were just renting one another’s time).

In an instant,
I capture it:
do not know,
what I,
do not understand;


Cyanide apples ripen;
while civilly we dine;
the elixir,
a volatile mix,
it keeps us doped,
violently sick.

Glass balls exhibit broken contracts,
muting tones of an underground past;

we collide.

It is not what you say,
it is what you do not;
the chord changes between steely strings.

I can’t rescue you,
I never could;
in fact -- I flat out refuse to.

Marching defiantly on my chequered way,
the distance,
a tort,
threating to sever the chord.

My head will not one eighty,
to meet what I have left,
degrees of separation,
tones of sepia,
 develop further,

capturing that moment it's tamed,
within the stalemate static of frames;
despite all our breaches,
it's still life;

you are and always you will be,
a photographic memory.




Submitted: November 28, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Amy Shunker. All rights reserved.

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