Small Moments

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This is just a cute poem exploring all the stages of a relationship

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



When I saw you,

My heart skipped a beat

Your smile was my favorite part

Of that entire evening

And when I went to sleep,

Yours was the face stuck in my head


The awkward first date

Soon turned to a dream come true

And as we said goodnight

My heart once again skipped a beat

I never wanted to end that hug


I sat in your arms

Content with my life

You were whispering me your secrets

I finally gained your trust

You already had mine


Our laughter echoed through the house

You kissed me for the first time

It felt so perfect

And I knew right then

This was the best I’d ever get


We soon had our first fight

I was crying

You were scared

I thought this was the end

Instead, it was only the beginning


You taught me how to forgive

I showed you how to forget

We were in love

Despite all the obstacles

Together we’d make it through


Through it all

You are still the one I love

The trials have been hard

But in the end

You’re still here with me


You’re waiting at the alter

I’m dressed in white

Our eyes meet

And I know this is right

Time does not matter anymore

We have forever and the rest of our lives

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