The Problem With Guns & Gun Control

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This is my rant when it comes to people's views on guns and gun control. This was written in response to the recent tragedy in Conneticuit. My prayers are with all those affected by this one man's horrible actions. Please read. I'd love your guy's opinion on the matter as well.

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



I'm going on a bit of a rant here, but please allow me my soapbox moment.

It appears that after every tragedy involving a gun, 1 of 2 positions are taken. You're either pro gun control, or you wish gun laws to be blasted to hell. I believe it is our constitutional right to bear up arms in times for defense. I do NOT believe every American should be carrying a gun everywhere they go. I think having everyone around us armed with a weapon that has the potential to kill will only increase paranoia. I, for one, would NOT feel safer having the public armed. I am in support of have stricter laws with regards of who is and is not able to carry a weapon. I'm sorry, but even law abiding citizins now have the potential to turn into crazed individuals who resort to desperate actions in the future.

As far as the recent school shooting is concerned... my heart goes out to those families effected by this act. But the sugguestions to allow teachers and other adults to bring a weapon into school is completely ridiculous to me. An elementary school is not a place for guns. What if the teacher snaps? It's possible. Or worse- what if the child finds it and begins playing with it? If they are worried for their safety- hire a security guard, who can have a weapon on him at all times.

Guns aren't the problem here. As many say, it's the person pulling the trigger who's responsible. This is very true. But they most certainly are not the answer either. You want a solution? Start educating children at a young age to be respectful and loving people. Stop making so many movies and shows glorifying the act of violence. Stop buying video games that are rated M due to the amount of gore and violence. Start preaching that brotherly love again. Make sure your child knows they have other options. If they feel trapped or depressed, they don't have to turn to self destructive behavior, or harmful behavior towards others.

I'm not sugguesting this is going to change the world. People make mistakes. People, for whatever reason, hurt others. People kill. But I do not think this is a gun control issue. This is a human issue, lets change our society's values and morals. Instead of looking for a short term soultion- like arming everyone with guns, lets try a long term solution- involving peaceful educational processes.Fighting fire with fire only proves to spread the fire. Where is the logic in fighting guns with guns?


Not everyone should have a gun. Not everyone can deal with that responisiblity. Because owning a gun is very much a huge respinsibility. If you're going to own one- you need to be prepared to shoot it if necessary. It's not a fashion fad or accessory. It has the capacity to harm others. It's has the potential to kill.
I understand that regardless of what we do, there are lawbreakers. There are people who do evil things, unspeakable things even. But I do believe in karma, or in the last judgement. Those people will pay for their actions,whether in this life or the next. And I know that's not comforting at all. But by increasing our paranoia, we're letting them win. Do not let them spread their messages of fear and hate.

On the other hand, let's not be naive. As I said before, I do believe it is our right to bear arms. If you feel threatened at all, I would encourage you to get a gun. (legally, I might add) Keep it in your house and in your car. I just do not agree with taking it everywhere you go. Don't take it to the supermarket, in fear that something MIGHT happen. Some say it is better to be safe than sorry. I say that is true. Be prepared. Learn how to defend yourself. Be aware of your surroundings. Do a random act of kindness. It's contagious, I promise.
If you REALLY want to save lives- do your part to stop bullying. Often times, the perp is a victim himself. That is not a justification of his (or her) actions, simply an insight. Bullying has an extreme impact on people. Be the one who stands up for them. It may might a huge difference in the future.


The school shooting in Conneticuit was an awful incident. Innocent lives were lost. I grieved for those children, and I grieve now for their parents. One man, for his own reasons, felt compelled to gun down as many as possible before taking his own life. This was a selfish, cruel act. But please, let's not use this tragedy as a negotiating tool for gun laws. Let's use this as a time to send these families our love and support.

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