I'll be back for you.

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This is a poem that i wrote, it was very emotional for me to write it.

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



As you began to grow, so did my feelings i felt inside.

As i thought of you within me, i could of burst with pride.

Our lives were going to change, busy, hectic but fun.

But it wasn't meant to be, my beautiful little one.


You was taken away from me, a horrid twist of fate.

And now i can't be with you until a later date. 

You'll get my kisses and cuddles when you need me there.

And have all my love that with you i can't yet share. 


My angel you are wiht me, always in my heart.

Everyday i think of you even though we are apart. 

You're in my thought with each loving thing i do.

I promise it won't be long till mummy and daddy come back for you.


The lord spared you from this world.

And for that i thank him so. 

There's alot of evil on earth you see.

Thats why you had to go. 


In my womb you grew and grew.

Like a seed to a beautiful rose.

I felt you grow within me.

Your tiny hands and toes. 


I didn't have you for long.

Thats the cause of all this pain.

Now you're kept safe by the lord.

Untill the day im with you again. 


You just laid there inside me.

To me you were sleeping.

But from the doctor there was no smile.

My heart, it was breaking.


I knew you had been taken. 

And my heart it hurt so. 

I had to tell your daddy.

That it was time for us to let go. 


By let go i dont mean forever.

You just needed to be safe.

I cuddled my tummy tightly.

Knowing inside was an empty space.


Me and daddy have grew strong.

Loving you more and more each day.

But when we are together again. 

We'll make up for the time we were away. 

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